Best Crossbow Scope for Low light conditions

It’s always the same, right? You’ve been out for hours and just before the last drop of daylight vanishes, you get a white tail in your scope. If you’re hunting in the twilight hours or even at the crack of dawn before the sun’s up, you’re going to need the best crossbow scope … [Continue Reading]

D.I.Y. Shooting Stick

Shooting sticks can help for better stability and accuracy and can be made at home for a little over $5.00. Prepare Head out to your local hardware store and pick up the following items: 2 - Garden stakes, 5-6 foot in length ( you want them to be about as tall as you … [Continue Reading]

Squirrel Hunting and Rain

Your alarm goes off and you stretch as you get out of bed. You start a morning pot of coffee and get your camouflage out of the closet because you’re going squirrel hunting today. You are excited to get back into the woods. As you open the front door...RAIN! (Insert curse words … [Continue Reading]

Using Squirrel Calls while Hunting – Do they work?

The not-so-simple answer is...yes and no. YES, if you implement them at the correct times and understand the differences in the calls, as well as performing the calls correctly. NO, if you just walk into the woods with a squirrel call and start making random noises. As is the … [Continue Reading]

Processing Squirrel Meat

Squirrel hunting can produce a substantial amount of extra meat for your dinner table, but once you have a squirrel in hand.. how do you process it? Processing squirrel meat is a pretty simple process that requires just a little time and a sharp knife. As with anything that has … [Continue Reading]