10 Deadly Mistakes You Should Avoid while Deer Hunting


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Deer are the hunting animals with the strongest senses of hearing, smelling, and sights. A small mistake on hunter’s part and your prey are out of reach. Everything that you have been planning since long, comes to a sudden end. Not just the novice hunters but the seasoned hunters can also commit small errors. Even a small error can end up the whole hunting expedition. And you come back to your house empty-handed. Do you want to avoid a disappointing situation like this? If yes, here we have rounded up top 10 deadly mistakes you should avoid while hunting whitetails.

1. Lack of Practice

This is the most common mistake. And most of my co-hunters have been committing it since long. In most of the cases, hunters do not bother to pick their weapons before the final front. Hitting the hunting ground without any prior practice can hardly get you anything. It is important to spend some time on your hunting stand, before the final day. We recommend you to practice your shots and use your weapons earlier. The more you are used to it all, the higher chances you have, of a good hunting session.

2. Not Playing the Wind

Not playing with the wind is one of the most crucial reasons. It tops the list of top 10 deadly mistakes you should avoid while deer hunting. Don’t let the whitetails get your smell. Going odorless or scent free is yet another great option that you can try to prevent it. Secondly, place your tree stand or blind in the downwind direction. Firstly, check the wind’s direction by holding a thread or by blowing some sand. Once you know it, fix your stand. Many times, hunters ask me, what if the wind changes its direction and we come upwind? For a tricky condition like this, I always recommend placing two or more stands. Yes, place two stands in two different directions. If one wouldn’t work, other will do. And always place your stand in the exact opposite location to where the deer are likely to emerge.

3. Excessive Movements

Like I already told, deer have great senses. Their eyes are constantly at work and they always keep looking around. Often, hunters have no idea and deer leave the place, detecting their presence. That’s why I always recommend the learners to stop moving. Stay calm and motionless in your tree stand or blind. If you really want to hunt something.

4. Don’t be Noisy!

Most of the hunters are in the habit of packing loads of hunting gear. When they set off to their hunting stand, things get worse. Weapons and accessories clank. Some hunters walk too noisily. They break the twigs, crunch the leaves under their feet and so on. A deer can easily detect these sounds and gets alerted. Stop being noisy and don’t walk like you normally do. Take a few steps then stop. Then again walk a few yards and stop. Your constant walking style can easily convince the deer of your deadly presence. To avoid the noisy situation, you can get help from a good pair of hunting boots.


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5. Selection of Wrong Places to entering and Exit

Your entering and exit points make a lot of difference. Most of the hunters don’t bother about it. They should be more careful about it. Make sure you don’t commit one of the top 10 deadly mistakes you should avoid while deer hunting. They prefer to pick a shorter way to the hunting site. And in doing so, they pick high-traffic locations of bucks. Constant movement on buck’s routes can easily spook them away. Try to enter and exit without getting detected by the deer. Remove your track from all the fuss like noisy leaves and dry sticks to have a quiet walk.

6. Hunting in the Wrong Season

What you will prey, largely depends on the season. I always prefer to hunt down the bucks in pre-rut and rut season. And that’s what I recommend to the novice hunters. Those who want to get the largest success percentage, choose first few weeks of November.

7. Not Focused!


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Hunting the deer takes a lot of time. it’s a game of patience. If any of you out there think it to be a matter of a few minutes, DON’T. You can’t give a timeframe about the appearance of the bucks. I have seen many novice hunters who just get bored of it all. They simply can’t focus on the surrounding. Instead of being alert, they get busy on their mobile phones. This lazy and unprofessional attitude is going to get you nothing. Once you are in the hunting field, be prepared for an unlimited time frame.

8. Wrong Timing

Being a hunter, you should know which time is suitable for hunting any animal. For bucks or deer, dawn and dusk are the hot favorite times. Don’t get impatient and reach there several hours earlier (or late). You should reach the hunting spot about 30 minutes before. It would be enough time for you to get the things settled down and remain alerted to shoot a deer instantly.

9. Calling Blindly

Calling the deer is a common trick used by many these days. Especially in rut season, a lot depends on your calling technique. But overdoing it can also take your prey away from you. I would recommend you to call only when you see a deer and it is not moving towards you.

Note: When you see a buck, coming towards you, you don’t need to blow the call. Sit silently and wait for it. it’s a crucial time. Sometimes calling at this moment may take your prey away from you.

10. Don’t be a Fair-Weather Hunter

I have often seen, hunters tend to leave the hunting stands as it starts to rain. It’s a misconception that you can’t hunt a deer when it is raining. You actually can! Raining provides you with better opportunities to hunt down the bucks. Firstly, rain lessens the scent. Secondly, it’s helpful in reducing the sound factors while you move. So, next time, don’t leave for the hunting camp, immediately. Stay persistently in your tree stand.

Like I said earlier, hunting deer is a game of patience. Don’t over fantasize it like some movie or a hunting TV show. There will be a success as well as failure. All you need to have is a professional hunting attitude. I hope our list of top 10 deadly mistakes you should avoid while deer hunting, would be helpful. And your next deer hunting adventure would be a great success.

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