3 Simple Tips For Hunting Turkeys You Should Know

Turkey hunting could be one of the greatest moments you may get. Nonetheless, you also need to have a lot of knowledge, techniques, and skills to catch them. If you do not have enough skills, turkey hunting could damage you as well as others. Therefore, it is crucial to have many tricks about this story.

tips hunting turkey

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Find the place of having turkeys

Do we catch turkeys everywhere? The answer is not. Furthermore, turkeys will not appear all of the time you want to. They will come out in a fixed season so you do not only locate their houses but also you should understand their seasons.

It means that you should do your homework before the hunting season comes out. Normally, turkey hunters have to go around the turkey living areas. Experienced hunters said that they found the turkey places in the forests or the wildlife areas in Massachusetts.

You also could look up other places in the private lands. However, you should not miss out to ask for a permission from the landowners. Then, you need to deal some agreements and keep in touch with them if you want to hunt in their lands for a while.

In addition, you need to study the signs of turkey in those lands such as leaving their leathers, moving in the leaves, their fences in the surfaces, their smells, etc. while you are finding in the forest. Do not miss out any the signals because it could be their living which you do not know.

If you decide to hunt in the spring season, you should try to attract a turkey in the night before starting the hunting job in the morning. In the next morning, you attempt to get about 150 yards of the Turkey ’s areas before they will take enough space of the light in your trap. These distances also rely on the terrain and the cover.

Call the turkeys

The spring is one of the most popular seasons for hunting turkeys. In this time, several hunters also find and call the turkeys like you. Therefore, you should be careful on calling the turkeys. You might attract hunters or other terminates instead of your target birds.

In theory, soft tree yelps or clucks are enough to appeal turkeys to let them know there is something new out of their home like a hen is standing closely in their areas.

Normally, the turkeys appeal the hens to them through their displays of courtship and their gobbling. If you are hurried to call to turkeys while he is staying on the roost, they will stand longer in the trees and they continue to make their own sound.

The best time to call the turkeys is they fly down to the land from their roost. Nonetheless, you should not use a big volume of calling them because turkeys might return to the roost (when they want to or they feel a dangerous thing).

To evade this situation, you should call them again with an enough amount of your voice. If you do hear the sound from turkeys, you will not ensure he is coming or he has left in the silent state. This state will challenge many hunters that they should be patient. You should listen the sound or the footsteps of turkeys carefully to decide your next action.

You might be surprised that successful turkey hunters are not good at calling the turkeys. However, they understand the habitats to attract the Turkey wisely. You totally choose the turkey hunting calls in the current market.

There are four main kinds of calls – box call, slate call, push button calls and friction- type calls. For those who are new hunters, you should select the friction – type calls to control the sound easily. When you upgrade to be an expert, you could choose other calls. The friction – type calls require some body movements to control them in your mouth.

Diaphragm calls are more difficult to manage your mouth but they are great when you taking your guns on your hands and calling the turkeys at the same time. The gobbler calls affect to the male turkeys so you should use this kind of call to invite them.

Shoot the turkeys wisely

Before shooting the turkeys, you need to know the hunting season that is suited for the hunting areas. On the flip side, you also could realize the gender of the turkeys like their colors of the head, their bodies. Keep in mind that you ensure they also have beards. And you also need to watch out other hunters are shooting the same target of yours.

While shooting, you could understand your shooting range effectively. Furthermore, the distance between your range and the turkeys are living is a worth count. Estimate your position of the shotgun and their places before the hunting season in order to shoot them smoothly.

The best shooting ranges are around 35 yards. In your gun, you should put 6 pellets into the skeletaland aim to their heads and necks. You might want to check the shot sizes in your regions before the hunting season is coming.

When the turkey lies down, you need to catch it so fast. Before getting the turkey, you need to be assured that your guns are safe to avoid the damage and injuries. Even though you have already shot them, you need to protect yourself from the leg spurs and flopping wings of the turkeys.

If your turkey is not hit by the pellet, it could run and escape in a deep forest. In this situation, you should not stop your shooting because they may let their herd know the dangerous situations.


Hunting the turkeys are incredible and it is not a daunting task at all. When you study some hunting techniques and understand the habitats of turkeys, hunting turkeys will be a piece of cake. You should take part in this season with a group of friend to support and share the victory time with them.  

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