Best Drop Away Arrow Rest For Bowhunters 2018 Reviews

For an archer looking to be the best at taking shots, you need to have an arrow rest as part of your gear. Some might fail to realize how the arrow rest improves their accuracy unless they try out one. Try one owned by a friend and you be looking to buy one for yourself.

The best drop away arrow rest would come multiple features all important for making it easy for the user to take the shots. With many models on the market, it is possible to be confused about the model to choose. This guide seeks to eliminate any confusion and get you picking the right model each time.

best arrow rest for bowhunters

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Types of arrow rest

Shoot-thru arrow rest

The other name for this model is prong rest as it comes with two adjustable prongs. The arrow will easily settle in a gap and softly cradled to keep it in position. You get to adjust the prongs so that the arrow will easily get released without touching the prongs. You can now be sure that the delivery of the arrow to the target nor the speed would be affected.

The prongs are made to have springs inside. This to help offer enough space for the arrow to travel the moment it gets released. Once the shot is done, the prongs would return to their original position for you to take the next shot.

These types are often easy to install and would come in different designs. If you like this type, you have to a lot of research to understand what you be getting from the model.

Containment arrow rest

This arrow rest gets its name from the idea that it is built to contain the arrow so that it does not easily fall off after knocking. This could be perfect for the young archers looking to use the model to practice their shooting skills before they get better. The experienced hunters, on the other hand, feel it is great to give them more focus on a target.

The overall design is so simple to get more people using it. It can be made of foam, nylon or metal. You can get it into position easily and get started with using it.

Drop away arrow rest

This type of arrow rest has been around for a while now with its popularity growing more at the moment. People have found that this could be the best arrow rest they could use for their different hunting trips.

Well, the way it works is that the model you release the arrow, the arrow rest will drop away from the arrow giving it enough space to travel. Since there is no direct contact with the arrow, it should easily maintain its path towards the target.

Why You Should Choose a Drop Away Arrow Rest?

  • Most people find the drop away arrow rest being easier to install. As much as some might often have hard to understand instructions, most of the time you get the installation process being easier. You should get the installation get done in no time.
  • The drop away arrow rest offers better release space. It would drop so that the arrow is free with a bigger margin. The same cannot be said for other models, which might touch the arrow and make it lose accuracy.
  • You would get that the drop away arrow rests would come with better performance in terms of durability and stability. Get to use one more often and you will appreciate what it has to offer.
  • This arrow rests would come within various price ranges. You can always get one depending on your budget.

Top 5 Best Drop Away Arrow Rest On The Market 2018

#1. Quality Archery Product HDX Arrow Rest

The name quality in the headline of the product is not just to make it sell, but the model is actually great in performance and credibility. If your hobby is to end up using the arrow rest for longer, then you can always opt for this model. This model might also be expensive, but in the end, you would always be getting the value for your money.

The sleek design and versatility should make the model easily work with even the latest bow types. The installation part is simple as the manufacturer sells it with some easy to understand instructions. The best part is that you can make some adjustments to get it working just as you like.

The model further presents you with a limited life warranty. This means that whenever you encounter problems stated in the warranty policy, you can return it to get another one.

Things we liked
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Strong
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust
Things we didn’t like
  • The clamp for the timing cord is poorly designed
  • Expensive

#2. New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest

The affordability of the model definitely makes it attractive to most users. You would get more people feeling it is the right price for an arrow rest and still get a lot more features only found in expensive models. The installation part is easy for those who have installed an arrow rest before, but it can be quite the task for those who are new to the model. The newbies might have to read the instructions a couple of times just to understand how to get it done.

Once the model is setup correctly, the working is quite flawless. Some might have thought it was an underdog, but with its impressive working capabilities, the model is often seen to be the best among the expensive models.

The strong construction is what makes the model often standout to be the best. You would be worry free knowing that the model you possess comes made of strong material that should make the durability better.

Things we liked
  • Sturdy build
  • Great performance
  • Great for sound dampening
  • Affordable
Things we didn’t like
  • The installation instructions are not easy to understand for a newbie

#3. Truglo Downdraft Drop-Away Arrow Rest RT Xtra

The affordability is something that gets you loving more about using the model. It is a cheap model that should easily get you loving the experience of using a cheap arrow rest. So, what about the installation process? Well, you should not have any trouble with the installation as the model is made to be quick and easy with the installation part. For someone who has used one before, it should not take you more than 15 minutes.

The performance, on the other hand, is better and improved. You should definitely feel that the performance has improved when using this model of the arrow rest. The technical rubber dampeners are quite important to silence the arrow loading process.

Some people would be concerned about the bounce back when firing. Well, that is not something you would experience with this model. The unwanted bounce back is eliminated to make sure that you get to enjoy better performance with the model.

Things we liked
  • Affordable model
  • It is easy to install
  • No unwanted bounce back on firing
  • It comes with technical rubber dampeners
Things we didn’t like
  • It durability could be improved

#4. Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest

The moment you get to use the LimbDriver Pro model you get to see some difference. It not just named pro for nothing. The model will make sure that your arrow is kept to where you want it to be. So long as it is within the containment cage, you should have an easy using it.

The model features a launcher arm important for the shot cycle. It will help eliminate the inconsistencies and errors that you might experience when looking to take the shot. The adjustable spring too important for giving the best preference so that performance is not hindered easily.

Another thing you would not be the longer arrow support. The support is import to allow the arrow to reach impressive speeds in less time and still remain stable even with the support removed. There is no longer the issue of the arrow dipping or losing its accuracy.

The model has completely machined in the USA thus the high-quality construction. The all-metal construction makes more people want to have the model knowing that it has better performance.

Things we liked
  • All metal construction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Easily adjustable
Things we didn’t like
  • The screws on the model needs regular tightening to keep it together

#5. Trophy Ridge HXL Arrow Rest

Shooting straight with your bow just got better with this arrow rest. The product is made to be the best you can ever get when it comes to performance arrow rests. The manufacturer understood what it means by having the best model on the market that can handle the archer’s needs.

This is a high-performance product all due to the impressive vertical drop technology. You would not have an easier time shooting with such a product. The high performance is attributed to the impressive construction materials used in making the model. The construction is dependable since strong aluminum was used to make the model.

It is now possible to eliminate the noises and distractions from the arrow loading thanks to the rubber inserts. The work of these rubbers inserts it help prevent the issue of metal to metal contact.

Things we liked
  • Highly durable
  • High performance
  • 100{6eed75c7f8c195edd1162272d31c56c9d78bf8d95bfa341f234a4c2acf0cac3e} arrow containment
  • Affordable
Things we didn’t like
  • Installation instructions are not clear

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

Setup process

The setup process would affect just how someone likes a model or not. There is no doubt that you would a model that lasts for longer and still is easy to install onto the bow. You need to find such a model by comparing the installation processes of the different models. Some would also come with easy features that help with the installation process.

The performance

The performance of an arrow rest is quite important as it affects the skills of the user. You need a model that will easily drop away from the arrow and keep it accurate at all times. To learn more about its performance, check out the different reviews on the model to understand what you would be getting upon acquiring it.

The price

Any person would have a budget to keep in mind when looking to buy the best drop away arrow rest. Most of them come a bit pricey, but you can always get those that are great in terms of performance. Medium priced models would often still offer the best performance.

The quality

Quality is important when looking to buy a model that is going to cost you money. You need to get the best quality products to ensure that you are enjoying the model for longer. Look at the type of materials used to make the model. Some materials would always be better in durability than others. If you get a model made of stainless steel, then you can rest knowing that it would last longer.

Type of bow

As a bow hunter, you need to understand that not all the drop away arrow rests would work with just any type of bow. Some bows are often seen to make the user face a lot of challenges using the arrow rest. You might want to check out from the manufacturer of the arrow rest on the type of bow to use the model.


If you have some money to spend on arrow rests, you now know where best your money could serve you the best. You always have to get the right model at all times if you are looking to enjoy using it. A number of options exist today, so make sure that you always get it right. We have given you some reviews of the top models, so you should have an easy time picking one you think works great and delivers value for money.

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