Choosing the Best Bow Quivers – 2018 Reviews

Maybe one of the more ignored pieces of equipment for bow hunting is the bow quiver. That’s not to say most archers don’t have a quiver; they do, but how much thought is actually put into the type of quiver you purchase?

If it’s not a second thought you should reevaluate your choice.

Choosing the best bow quiver will not only allow you to carry extra arrows but also provide extra protection to your broadheads and not be burdensome when trekking through the field.

The best bow quiver that is used in the field should be light, able to adjust to your needs and be durable. No matter if you’re looking for a quiver for your compound bow, back or hip quiver, or a crossbow quiver the same specifications apply.

All of the quivers that we will list and discuss in this article fit the mold. We will take a look at our top hunting quivers that fall in the categories of overall best hunting quiver, best compound bow quiver, best hip quiver, best back quiver, and the best compound bow quiver.

Comparison chart: Best Bow Quiver By Types 2018

Bow QuiverTypeArrow CapacitySize
Trophy Ridge Lite-1
Compound bow quiver5 arrowsBoth fixed or
View on Amazon
LimbSaver Silent
Editors' Choice
Compound bow quiver5 arrowsFits all
arrow sizes
View on Amazon
Easton FlipsideHip quiver4 tubesN/AView on Amazon
G4Free Archery
Deluxe Canvas
Back quiver24 arrows
Length: 21.7''
Width: 5.5''
View on Amazon
Kwikee Kwiver K6Crossbow quiver6 arrowsOverall lenght:
View on Amazon

best bow quiver

For each quiver, we will discuss their top qualities as well as some of the minor drawbacks these quivers might contain. We wanted to look at quivers that will be able to fit a broad range of bows and broadheads, so quivers designed for only one brand of bow or broadhead were left off of this list.

The thing is, we like options so for some of these categories we will list more than one option.

So, let’s get started!

Best Compound Bow Quiver

The criteria for out best compound bow quiver included easy to mount, the versatility of mounting to numerous bows, durability, and weight. These quivers are generally mounted to the bow without sacrificing the ability of the bow to be fired. Here are our two picks for the best compound bow quiver.

Trophy Ridge Lite-1

This quiver might be one of the all around best that we have worked with and we’ll tell you why.

The Trophy Ridge Lite- 1 holds 5 arrows with two gripping arms that hold the arrows securely giving you more confidence of none slipping while hiking through the brush.

This quiver also has a height adjustment feature giving you extra customization for how your quiver sits on the bow.

This quiver is made from a unique copolymer, which is stronger, and quieter than the more commonly used aluminum frames. It also means this quiver will stand up to repeated use in the field.

The Trophy Ridge Lite-1 also comes with a with a braided hanging rope attached to the hood making removal and hanging simple at any setup.

A very cool feature of this quiver is the mounted green LED lights on the hood of the quiver, making pre-dawn treks to your stand or blind more manageable and needing less gear.

LimbSaver Silent

The LimbSaver Silent is another all around great bow quiver. It is very light, weighing in at only 11oz and its snap-on attachment mechanisms make it extremely versatile in the amount of different compound bow models that it fit.

For those who like to remove the quiver before using the bow, the LimbSaver Silent has an easy to use thumb release that allows you to remove the quiver from the bow silently and easily.

An awesome feature of this quiver is the NAVCOM rubber material that is used in the housing and grips to reduce vibration and noise when using in the field greatly.

It contains double grippers that can handle a wide range of arrows of varying diameters. You can bring up to five arrows in this quiver out into the field.

It is also available in quite a few different camo patterns to blend in with the foliage in your hunting area.

Best Hip Quiver

Some hunters prefer hip quivers to quivers mounted to the bow. A major reason is an ease of pulling and knocking an arrow from the hip quickly. This is especially true if you are not setting up and waiting for your quarry, but up and moving looking to pull off a quick nock and release.

On the other hand, when sitting for extended periods, the hip quiver can be cumbersome. They also do not provide as much stability as a bow mounted quiver.

Like all things, there are pros and cons and a hip quiver has both. Regardless, here are our top two picks for the best hip quiver.

Easton FlipSide

Easton Flipside quiver holds four arrows with four separate arrow tube compartments. You should be aware of the diameter of your broadheads before purchasing this quiver. You don’t want to purchase it and get ready to go into the field and find your broadheads will not fit.

The Flipside has a reversible hook and loop pocket making it usable for both right and left-handed shooters. It also comes with a quiver belt that fits a wide range of waist sizes.

This hip quiver also comes with several pockets that allow for extra storage.

A small, but extremely functional feature of this quiver is the angle adjustment. By being able to adjust the angles, you can personalize this quiver and adjust it to suit your draw length.

The Flipside is made from high-denier material and is extremely durable. It is a type of quiver that is designed to last the hunter for years of hunting.

This hip quiver also comes with several pockets that allow for extra storage.

Best Back Bow Quiver

A back quiver can offer quite a few advantages, but in a lot of hunting circles, the drawbacks of back quivers keep most hunters from using them.

A major drawback to using back quivers for hunting the more conventional larger game is the range of motion needed to pull an arrow and nock it. Your quarry can easily pick out this motion.

A second drawback is that with multiple arrows with broadheads can get tangled up in a traditional back quiver and make pulling one free difficult in some situations.

They also can be difficult to maneuver in when you are in heavier brush and do not provide good protection to your arrows fletching in these situations.

For target practice or hunting that does not require larger 2 or 4 blade broadheads and lots of shooting then a back quiver can be an excellent purchase and provide great service.

G4Free Canvas Arrow Quiver

This back quiver is made from thick canvas. It will hold up from hard use in the brush, but you might have issues with broadheads cutting the inside of the canvas. If you’re taking it out for target practice with field tips you shouldn’t have any issue with this quiver not holding up.

The Canvas Arrow Quiver 21.7” in length and 5.5” wide and able to hold two dozen arrows. Now, this is two dozen arrows with field tips, and you should be aware that different sized tips will affect the carrying capacity.

The quiver also has an extra zipper compartment for extra gear storage.

This quiver has an excellent harness strap that will keep the quiver held securely to your back when maneuvering through the woods.

Best Crossbow Quiver

Here is the deal, compound quivers can be mounted on your crossbow as well. The problem that usually comes from quivers mounted to your crossbow is they are usually mounted on the front adding extra weight and throwing the balance off when aiming and firing.

Bohning Crossbow Quiver Top Mount

Before we go into an additional quiver that is excellent for both compound and crossbow bows, take a look at this product. It will allow you to mount your quiver atop the scope of your crossbow, providing better balance to your weapon.

Kwikee Kompound

The Kwikee Kwiver holds up to 6 arrows making it excellent for extended hunts. If six seems like overkill Kwikee makes several different models that hold five or three arrows.

The arrows are held in place by two gripping arms that will hold a variety of arrow diameters.

The quiver stem and hood are made from a polymer material and only weighs in at 8.7oz with a length of 12” so extra bulk to your hunting gear is not an issue.

The ease of mounting and removing this quiver from the bow make it an excellent choice for hunters who prefer to shoot their bow with the quiver off. It is also able to be mounted to a wide range of bows.

This Kwikee Kompound uses a patented screw system that reduces the vibration of the quiver when mounted to the bow.

This model also comes in a variety of camo patterns making it easy to match your quiver with the surrounding foliage.

The main issue that some hunters have with this particular quiver is the rubber broadhead holder does not hold them securely and allows some movement in this area.


Most bow hunters do a lot of research on their numerous bow accessories, but more often than not, they don’t give this same thought into the type of quiver they use for their setup.

A good quiver for hunting provides protection and storage for several arrows along with their broadheads. They are quite, light, and easy to handle when in the field. If you’re a hunter who utilizes a lot of different types of broadheads and arrows it is also important for you to have an adaptable quiver.

Hopefully, if you are reading this you understand the importance of picking out the right quiver, and we have provided some excellent options for a variety of different types, from compound bow mounting quivers to hip and back quivers.

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