Best Bow Release For Hunting Accuracy 2018 Reviews

Shooting with a bow and arrow is something that many people often find it hard, but with the use of the best bow release devices, you should have an easy time taking the shot. Gone are the days when only a few people would become the best archers all the time. Nowadays, even the amateur archers can easily get to master the skill.

The best bow release reviews would always point you to the best accessories to buy for your bow. Get to learn more about bow releases in this guide.

Bow ReleaseTypeStyleHandHead TypeWrist StrapAdj. TriggerConnector/
MechanicalWrist Strap - TriggerBoth handsDual CaliperBuckleYesNylon StrapView on Amazon
MAX Buckle
Wrist Strap - TriggerBoth handsOpen HookBuckleYesSolid SwivelView on Amazon
Edge Buckle
LeatherWrist Strap - TriggerBoth handsDual CaliperBuckleNoSolid SwivelView on Amazon
AluminumHandheld - Thumb ReleaseBoth handsSingle CaliperYes4-FingerView on Amazon
Handheld - Thumb ReleaseBoth handsOpen HookYes4-FingerView on Amazon
Best bow release reviews

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5 Best Bow Release For The Money Reviews 2017

1. Tru-Fire Hurricane Release

Tru-Fire releases are known for their impressive build and performance. As much as their releases might be expensive, this one emerged as the cheapest among them all. The model being cheap does not mean it would not perform as expected or built of low-quality materials.

The release comes with a dual caliper and spring trigger important for easy use by the archer. If you have to clamp or unclamp it, it is amazing how you take less time as compared to the other releases. Its operation is simple and effective. The calipers will open and automatically close whenever you let go.

The model features an adjustable trigger that allows for the smooth release of the arrow. The same functionality is still enhanced by using the adjustable buckle straps. The hurricane still comes with a self-centering roller that should easily roll along the jaws that improve the smooth release of the accessory.

The model is further made to be easy to use whether for the left or right hand. No more tools are needed to make it work correctly, as the model features an inclusive package. The evolution buckle strap is also made to be easier to put on and take off just as needed.

2. Tru-Fire Hardcore MAX Release

Anyone who is looking to enjoy having an easy time using bow release would definitely get to use this model. It is one of the best models from the Tru-Fire brand. As much as it can be expensive, it will always live up to the expectations of the user.

Depending on the type of pressure you get to apply before the release, the trigger is made to be fully customizable. Make sure that you adjust it correctly depending on the manufacturer’s instructions so that you end up with an increased accuracy.

Well, what about the comfort? The users want a model that would feel comfortable to use each time. The manufacturer made the model be great for comfort by making it have a plush grip. The use of the buckle strap is made to hold the release in position at all times.

Any professional archers would feel confident about using the model. The reason is that it comes with a self-centering knuckle. This is important for making sure that the string torque is eliminated. You should be able to achieve the best stability in less time. There is less effort spent to achieve the best shot as compared to the other models.

3. Tru-Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Release

The model comes from a top brand, meaning that you can always expect the best performance. The premium quality build assures the user of ending up with the best looking bow release that still works great too. The presence of the dual caliper jaws is important for the spring loaded action trigger.

The slim design keeps the model looking great and still does not hinder your wrist, making sure that you get the best comfort ever. The use of the edge buckle will greatly eliminate the string torque from the archer. With such a feature, this means that you get to hit the target with the best precision ever.

The trigger travel is still adjustable. With such an option, you can always customize the model to work in your favor. It will keep you easily targeting the model and still release the arrow correctly. With the instructions from the manufacturer, you should have an easy time using the bow and arrow even for a first timer. Whenever you are not using it, the model is made to easily fold into a smaller size for easy storage.

4. Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Hand Held Release

Each time you get to use this handheld release, you get to experience the best performance in terms of accuracy. With archery, it is always about the accuracy. If the accuracy is messed up, then you will never hit the target. Another important thing to note about the model should be its comfort with every shot. The trigger is further loaded with a spring to make it even further easy to use as compared to some models.

Just like other Tru-Fire models, its jaws would open the moment you pull the trigger and close when you release the trigger. The idea of having it spring loaded is important to prevent the string torque whenever shooting. It will always give you an instant release each time you let go the trigger.

Getting it clamped on your hand is one easy thing to do as the head of the release can rotate 360 degrees. Its versatility should make it easy to clamp the model at any angle on your hand. Once the head is positioned, you can now lock it to prevent it from easily moving while aiming the arrow. With the trigger travel being adjustable, you should easily get the model working as you want.

5. Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release

The bow release being an important product for the hunter, it is made to be great in all aspects. This handheld model works great for all people who are looking for an easy way of learning and shooting the arrows.

Most people who have tried it always end up loving it even more. It is designed to keep the user improving the aim until a point where the release is no longer needed. The four-finger release style helps with connecting the closer to the D loop. This is important for reducing the string torque that might arise when using the model.

The product still has a further 360-degree rotation capability. You can also adjust the trigger travel, head swivel, and the trigger tension. With all these adjusted, you should have a smoother release.

How to Choose the Best Bow Release For Hunting

1. The type

There are various types of bow release models you can get on the market. They can either be mechanical or non-mechanical. It is no doubt that the archers would often prefer using the mechanical type. The non-mechanical type would be operated on a looped string or the use of backpressure.

Depending on the use of the bow release, you can always research more on the types before buying one for yourself.

2. The compatibility

It is always great if you can get a model of bow release that works great for any type of string. But sometimes that is not always the case as you have to find one that works great for your bow string. This should mean that you look at the setup of the bow, which can either be a D loop, metal nock or even the metal fastener being the release mechanism. Just make sure that the bow release is easily compatible with the string setup.

3. Ease of adjusting

The ease of adjusting is always important to the user. You want that the model to be correctly positioned in the hand to assure the user of a perfect fit. It is possible to get many varied ways to hold the model in place. There is the use of Velcro straps or the buckle straps. Some will also come with the ability to adjust the trigger position too. Having such adjustments made possible should make the model easily liked by many people.

4. Customization options

You should be in a position to make the adjustments to the model so as to get it working to your preferences. The rotating head comes in handy in such customization options. You can always lock it in position whenever it is now in the right position just as you like it. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the trigger so that it releases whenever you let it go.

5. The comfort

You are going to wear it on your wrist for a while. This further means that you should keep in mind the use of a comfortable model. Having a comfortable bow release would make the shooting form of the user not to deteriorate. You would get that the wrist releases would be popular to the archers as they come with a padding that keeps them soft and relaxing to the user.


One of the important things that you should always keep in mind should be the use of the best bow release whenever using a bow and arrows. If you are not careful, then you might just end up with more trouble than benefit depending on the type of bow release you choose. The best bow release reviews that you read always important to make sure that you get to choose the right model.

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