Best Ear Protection for Shooting – 2018 Reviews

There are many dangers of operating a firearm, especially when it comes to hearing loss. Some people have ended up with hearing problems because of operating firearms for a long time.

You will need to consider getting the best ear protection for shooting to protect your ears. In this post, we review and compare 8 best electronic ear muffs and ear plugs on the market to help you pick the right one.

Top 8 Electronic Ear Protection For Shooting Range

Brand & ModelNRRTypeBatteryWeight 
Pro Ears
Pro Mag Gold
30Over the Head4 N Size0.84 lbs.View on Amazon
Honeywell Howard Leight
Impact Sport Sound
22Folding2 AAA0.95 lbs.View on Amazon
Honeywell Howard Leight
Impact Pro Sound
Editor's Choice
30Ear Cup2 AAA0.99 lbs.View on Amazon
MSA Sordin
Supreme Pro X
18Folding2 AAA1.2 lbs.View on Amazon
Peltor Sport
Tactical 100
22Low-profile cups2 AAA1.2 lbs.View on Amazon
Ear Plugs
30Low profile
Size 100.6 lbs.View on Amazon
N/ASize 100.11 lbs.View on Amazon
TEP-100 Earplugs
Editor's Choice
23Universal3 AA0.81 lbs.View on Amazon
ear protection for shooting handgun

Guide to Choose the Best Electronic Hearing Protection

If you are going to select electronic ear muffs for hearing protection, it should be based on a number of factors that make them safe and good at their jobs. Below are some of the factors you will have to consider to end up with the right ear muffs for shooting range.

  • NRR Rating

    Before all the hearing devices are allowed onto the market, they have to be inspected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The work of the agency is to determine if the given item meets the required standards of the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). The number offered by the manufacturer as NRR has to be confirmed by the agency and then released to the public for purchase.

    The idea of considering the NRR rating of the ear muffs is very important than other considerations as I showed you above in this article (How to choose the Best Ear Protection for shooting). Anyone would want a product that would offer effective protection to his or her satisfaction. Sometimes you might be in an environment that has the noise of around 140dB especially the shooting range.

    This could really lead to some long-term damage to your hearing capability. There are many types of earmuffs on the market today, each having different NRR rating. Some are able to reduce the noise to about 30dB. To learn more about the NRR of an ear muff, read the manufacturer’s description of the product.

    Where you will be shooting sometimes will determine just how much NRR you will need from the protection device. For those who will be shooting indoors, it is often better to choose the ear muffs with the best NRR. The indoor shooting will always have a lot of noise that can damage your hearing if you are not well protected. The battery level always affects the NRR of any electronic earmuff, so ensure that it has the best batteries installed.

  • Comfort

    Comfort varies a lot when it comes to choosing the best electronic ear protection for indoor shooting or even hunting. You would not want to end up with too heavy earmuffs on your head and ears that it becomes too uncomfortable to wear.

    Most of the manufacturers today are using the customer complaints about their earlier product versions to come up with a product that works for more people today. This means changing a few things to end up with a comfortable ear muff for better protection.

    As part of making the earmuffs comfortable, the manufacturers are making them be heavily padded. The padding acts a cushion from the outside noise and at the same time, making you feel comfortable when wearing them.

    It is not just about the padding, but also the design of the ear cups. New ear cups are now made to be sleek so that they can easily contour around your ears to provide better comfort.

    The headband is also made to be adjustable for the reason of comfort. You get to adjust the headband to a point where it feels comfortable around the head and also a perfect fit for protection against loud noises.

  • Your Budget

    Each person would have a budget that he or she is willing to spend on a hearing protection product. The pricing of the products will always depend on a number of features integrated into the device.

    Most of them would be expensive only if they have more safety features. An example is when a product has an impressive NRR figure, you can expect it to be more expensive than conventional earmuffs with a low NRR figure.

    The manufacturer is also likely to affect the pricing somehow. Whenever you choose to buy the product from an established brand, you can expect that they will charge more. The best would be the time to compare the different brands and their pricing.

    Sometimes it is surprising how you can end up with the best electronic ear protection by spending only a fraction of your budget. It all depends on how much time you can dedicate to doing the research.

    Some of the additional factors that will influence pricing to include comfort, size, and usability. If the manufacturer spends more time to make the earmuffs comfortable, chances are the price will also increase.

  • Design

    The design of the best electronic ear protection for shooting is not all about appearance, but rather about its functionality. You would want a product that will help you to easily blend into the environment. This is for people who are going to hunt in the forest and would like to stay hidden.

    The bright colors such as bright red, or fluorescent yellow might not always be a good color as they give away your hunting position. The color of ear muffs being part of the design, choose a product that can easily correspond to your firearm, hair or shooting glasses.

    Some products tend to offer more than just comfort and high NRR figures. There are those who are rated to be waterproof ear muffs. Such a feature makes them the best to use for the outdoor shooting range. It also means the product can be used in different weather elements other than the sun and wind.

    Different manufacturers will try to get innovative and make the product have more features such as the ability to cancel out the amplification in certain environments. Such ear muffs use microphones installed in the ear cups to detect and amplify sound to the necessary level. You can easily find many automatically shutting off the amplification for sounds about 82dB.

The online market seems like a nice place for anyone to start looking when it comes to the best deals on the hearing protection. Most online stores will have stock in different types of hearing protection. This means that you can get to check them all on the same website.

You can also compare their features and prices before making a decision. The great thing about online stores is that they tend to have more offers. You might just be lucky to find the best hearing protection at a cheaper price based on the current promotion of the online website.

Below I show you some short reviews about top ear protection for shooting range on the market. Check it out!

Best 5 Electronic Ear muffs for Shooting – 2018 Reviews

#1. Pro Ears – Electronic Hearing Protection – Shooting Range Ear Muffs

Hearing protection is always paramount to anyone looking to have a fun time at the gun range. The moment you get to use this product, you would find that it is great for keeping your ears safe from the loud bangs.

The model is seen to be great for both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. The next time you have to practice shooting the large and small caliber pistols and handguns, you now know what to use for hearing protection. It only takes a moment to wear them, so no need to risk your hearing by ignoring them.

The design is important for providing the best hearing protection you need. This model comes with the large style ear cups to give you exceptional protection of NRR 30. The Noise Reduction Rating of 30 is impressive to help with blocking the sounds with a high dB level.

The best part is that the manufacturer made the earmuffs to easily shut off after a long time of inactivity. What this does is to preserve the batteries so that you can also use the headphones for longer.

They are further super soft and comfortable. You should have no hard time wearing them the whole day and still feel comfortable.

#2. Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff

If you are going to the shooting range or on the hunt, this model comes with an electronic ear muff to protect you from the hazardous noise coming from the environment. The product has an impressive Noise Reduction Rating of 22dB for both on and off mode.

With such a protection rating, it is not easy to find any person suffering from hearing loss as the noise is largely reduced. With the earmuff on, it will use the directional microphones to amplify the ambient sounds to a safe zone of 82dB.

This can be great when you still have to hear the important commands on the shooting range and other important environmental noises when hunting.

The earmuff comes with additional safety features that help to reduce further on the noise when in the shooting range. The ear muff will listen actively and automatically shut off in cases of impulsive loud sounds such as a firearm discharging.

The patented airflow control technology does allow for a slim ear cup design that many people would love. You can still connect it to your mp3 players, or any other audio source to listen to some music too while at the range.

#3. Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff

The product comes with built-in directional microphones important for amplifying the range commands or any other ambient sounds in the environment. The amplification is done to the safe zone of 82 dB, thus making it feel like the natural hearing and also enhanced communication with the other members on the shooting range.

The ear muff will automatically shut off the amplification when the ambient sound sources reach 82 dB. The product will still block out the noise at 30dB. Such protection capabilities are what make the product to be the best electronic ear muffs for men and women who are into hunting or shooting ranges.

You will get rubberized pressure points as an additional safety feature on this product. These pressure points help to prevent cases of gunstock scratching.

The padded and adjustable headband makes it end up with a secure and comfortable fit when wearing the earmuff. If you like to listen to some music, you can do so via the 3.5mm audio jack connector. The auto shutoff feature helps to increase the battery life if you have not used the earmuffs for 4 hours.

#4. MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X – Electronic Earmuff

So, you might have been looking for the best ear muffs for the shooting range. Well, no need to search anymore when you have such a product available.

This Sordin Supreme Pro X model is built to meet the international mil specifications and any other extreme conditions. What you get is an excellent digital sound reproduction and better hearing protection when practicing your aim.

With its electronic hearing protection, you are not completely blocked out from communicating with your friends. You should easily talk as the electronic circuit allows the low sounds to easily pass through. The manufacturer made the model to easily use low current and still deliver the best performance most people need.

These are hearing protectors that should produce a natural and realistic sound most people find appealing. The manufacturer made all the electronic and moving components lacquered. This means that they are water protected thus helping you use them in different weather conditions. It is the same thing for the microphone, which is important for collecting the sound.

The model comes with a 5-year warranty on the electronic parts, showing that it is durable. The model further gives you an impressive battery life of 600 hours from just 2 AAA batteries.

#5. Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector

The all-new Peltor Tactical electronic hearing protector promises to deliver on improved performance, more comfort and better functionality than its predecessor does. With the 3M technology, the protector will suppress the harmful gunshot noises and still amplify the low-level sounds such as the range commands.

The use of the adaptive frequency response system will reduce the background noises that make it easy to have clearer conversations while hunting with a partner or passing of commands at a range. Such additional features have made the product to be ideal for indoor and outdoor shooters. Even hunters could benefit from using such a device.

If you like shooting indoors, you might have experienced issues with loud shooting noise because of echoes. This product has a variable suppression time feature important for echo reduction for indoor shooting conditions.

With a 22 dB NRR rating, many people would feel comfortable using such a product for your shooting activities. The reengineered headband on this hearing protector has been improved to offer more comfort and fitting for anyone. Simply adjust the headband until you feel that it fits perfectly.

The microphones included in the product are recessed to ensure there is a reduction in the wind noise that might affect the passing of range commands.

3 Best Electronic Earplugs for Shooting – 2018 Reviews

#1. Westone DefendEar Digital Shooter Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

You might think it is a joke, but having a brief exposure to high noise levels from a gunshot could lead to hearing damage. Some people are now regretting why they did not use hearing aids before as it could have helped them protect their hearing each time they were at the gun range practicing.

Well, that does not have to be you too when there is a change to get these impressive ear plugs for your protection.

You might have used other types of hearing protection such as earmuffs. They would often feel rather heavy on your head and might make you feel like removing them after a few hours. The same would not happen when using the earplugs.

The manufacturer had them specifically designed in a way that fits into the ear canal with so much comfort. The best part is that it would allow you to communicate with other people. Whenever the gun is fired, it is when it kicks in to suppress the noise.

Unlike the passive earplugs, with this one you are in a position to hear the low-level sounds. With NRR 30 dB, this could be the command that you are next in line to fire. You could also use the same while hunting and easily detect the walking of a game you want to shoot.

#2. Etymotic GunsportPRO Earplugs, Electronic Hearing Protection

These earplugs are important for people who are gun sports enthusiasts. You can now have a great time training on how to shoot when you have such a production for hearing protection.

The model works to protect the hearing from blasts, loud noise from machinery and the repeated gunfire from a shooting range. It is the reason you would find it liked by professional shooters, hunters, instructors and guides at a shooting range.

So, what makes it different and appealing? The model comes with a new technology called Hearing Protection/Enhancement Devices (HPEDs) important for using the circuitry to keep the loud noise to a low level.

At the end of the day, you get a model that provides you better protection within a reasonable range keeping you safe. The model gives you the best hearing protection and still offers better sound detection within the safe levels.

With its adaptive attenuation capability, the model would adapt its protection based on the environment. Many people should find it great protecting their ears based on the sound levels in the area.

The model still features high definition sound drivers and high-sensitivity microphones that make it easy for signal processing. It is only when you get to use them that you can understand the benefits they have to offer.

#3. 3M PELTOR TEP-100 Tactical Digital Earplug

There was a time when not most people would be interested in using earplugs as a way of protecting their hearing capabilities. Some found them being too tight in the ear canal, but all that has changed now.

When you get this type of model, you will that it is different from the other models you might have used before. You can now have an easy time using the model in different challenging environments where you there could be too much noise.

Thanks to its compact and lightweight nature, you can use it for long working or shooting sessions without the need of removing them. It is made to be further rechargeable so that you can always have the earplugs ready to use whenever you need. For their design, you get them being used for military, manufacturing, loud machinery and a lot more.

Comparing them to the conventional hearing protectors, you will find these ones to be among the top. As much as they might be expensive, at the end of the day you will find that you are having all of your hearing capabilities.

Since it has the adaptive attenuation capabilities, it would attenuate based on the sound levels in the area. You should now easily block the loud noises, but still, hear the warning sounds.

How to Choose the Best Ear Protection For Shooting

You will need hearing protection devices whenever you work or pass by extreme noises, especially for shooting. The work of the hearing protection device is to help with protecting your hearing capability from destruction by experiencing extreme noise.

It is not always easy to choose the best hearing protection for shooting, as many are available today. Without the right guide, you might just end up buying based on budget, which is not always the ideal way to do it. To help you get started, we get to look how to choose hearing protection devices.

  • Type of Hearing Protection

    You have to know the different types of hearing protection that are required in the gun range. You will have to buy them on your own. This is the right way if you want to always protect your hearing.

    By understanding the type of hearing to buy, you can avoid buying some irrelevant hearing protection devices that you might never use.

    Many manufacturers today have different types of hearing protection devices that they produce. You should be able to know which type of hearing protection would be suitable for you.

    Some of the different types of hearing protection devices include ear muffs, ear plugs, among many others. Even when it comes to earmuffs and ear plugs, there are many models.


    For the ear muffs, you can get to choose between electronic and passive earmuffs. The electronic earmuffs are most preferred but they can be expensive too.

    The best part is that you get to experience the best noise reduction in different workplaces. They also tend to have additional features that help amplify the sound levels and make you hear your hunting partner voice.
    hearing protection for shooting


    The earplugs are also a great way of blocking the extreme noise from reaching your ears. The only problem is that they tend to completely block any sound from getting in. This means that at some point you will not be able to communicate with other hunters.

    There are some of the hearing protection devices that can be worn with the safety helmet. This might be great for cases where there are more hazards in the environment. You can now protect your head and ears when working in such an environment. Others will have built in comms that will make it easy for you to communicate with other hunters in the hunting trip.

  • Product Brand

    You might get that all brands will always say that they have the best hearing protection devices that you can get on the market. That is not always the case as you might end up with the worst product if you do not carry out proper research.

    It is important that you get to learn more about the brand first before making a decision to buy their product. The best way to do this is by checking out their online profile. From different online stores, you will get to learn more about the hearing device by reading the product description section.

    best ear protection brands

    Best Ear Protection Brands

    Another great way of learning about the brand is by checking the reviews about the product. The reviews will tell you more about the product than just reading the product descriptions. People who have had firsthand experience with the product often write the reviews.

    From the reviews, you will get to learn more about the pros and cons of a hearing protection device. It is also easy to identify the fake reviews of a product. They always tend to over emphasize on the good side of the product without any criticism. It is now easy to learn from the experience of other people rather than making the same mistakes.

  • Durability

    Not many people would want to buy a product today and still have to buy another one a few weeks of using the new one. The durability part is what drives some people to buy more of one product than the other. You are to do some research to understand if the product can last for long or not.

    The durability of a device is often affected by the different materials used to make the device and the usability too. For durable products, even with regular use, that device should still be able to work for a long time.

  • Noise Cancellation Capabilities

    This is the most important part for anyone looking to protect his or her hearing capability. You would want to ensure that you always land the right hearing protection by checking out the features of the device.

    With many such devices around, do not let it be confusing, but rather focus more on the features to learn more. Some of the features you can expect include noise reduction ratings (NRR).

    This is just how much the device can reduce the noise to help you easily work in such an environment. It is quite an important feature as it determines what type of sound of you get to hear when wearing them. This is commonly in the earmuffs in which you will be able to hear something from the environment.

    Hearing Damage Chart

    Hearing Damage Chart. Source:

    Other than NRR, you might also want to check out other features such as inbuilt mic, battery life for active earmuffs among other things. The inbuilt mic is important in the cases where you have to still communicate with other hunters in the hunting trip.

    It can also be important in the case of a gun range shooting activities. You still want to hear the commands even when shooting. The earmuff mic will be able to pick up the commands and amplify them for you to hear. The battery life is still important for people who might want to go on a hunting expedition with the earmuffs.

  • Certifications

    Any person would want to choose the right protection device, but it also has to have the important certifications. The certifications are an easy way of knowing whether the device meets the industry standards or not.

    The industry standards are what guides the manufacturers to making the best hearing protection devices. It also shows that the company met the regulations it has to follow when making the product before it could be allowed onto the market for sale.

  • Comfort

    When it comes to comfort, it all depends on for how long you will have to use the device when working. It would be better if you get to buy a comfortable hearing protection device that will keep you safe and still comfortable to wear it. The ear plugs might not be the best when it comes to comfort.

    They will tend to press on the ear canal sides as a way of making sound tight. You might not be able to hear any sound, but after an hour or two, you will end up feeling uncomfortable wearing it.

    The earmuffs, on the other hand, might just be great for comfort on so many levels. You will find that they will have cushioned ear cups. The cushioned ear cups will keep you feeling comfortable and prevent noise from getting in even in extremely loud conditions. It is not just the ear cups, but also the headband.

    The headband of the earmuffs is often cushioned too, but not always. Whenever you get one that is cushioned, you can be sure it will feel comfortable to wear at all times. You can adjust it based on your head size just to get the perfect fit for your case.

  • Price

    The price of something will always affect a number of things and how people buy it. Not many people would be willing to invest a lot of money in hearing protection devices unless it is really worth the price.

    The worthiness, of course, is all based on the hearing protection features the product has to offer to the user. You might have to take more time comparing the price and features just to make sure that you get to end up with the right hearing protection device.


Protecting your ears has always been important when it comes to firing a firearm. You do not want to lose your hearing capability because of loving hunting without hearing protection.

If you always wondered which best ear protection for shooting to choose, you can now select from the list mentioned above. They have been tested extensively to show that they can be trusted to keep your hearing remain in good shape at all times.

You will also be able to play music using the same ear muffs are seen from many manufacturer product descriptions. No need to stay bored while in the wilderness hunting when you can listen to your favorite jams.


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