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Best Tactical Flashlights For The Money 2017 Reviews

Can you imagine that a tiny flashlight that can be used as a weapon to shock, cause temporary blindness or simply disorient a target? This is true and a tactical flashlight is one of a kind of flashlight that is used to target a subject with light for identification usually.

These lights can be held by hands or simply mounted on top of a weapon to light up the target slowly. Chances are that you have not strayed to this post, but were looking for the best tactical flashlight reviews, you have reached us. This means you already know something about these flashlights.

What Is A Tactical Flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight that is used to light up a low lighted area. We call it tactical because we may tend to use it in multiple ways and not only as a flashlight. We can use it to take a guard against an assailant or animals while out in the wild and can even find hidden treasures with.

Above all, we can find use it to light up our house in case of a power outage. Moreover, when the adjective ‘tactical’ gets added to it, we become little concerned and think what makes them different from normal flashlights. It is the purpose of your use that defines their name and you are best its judge, to find out how tactical it has been.

There are various kinds of tactical flashlight that may add more value to invest over the others. For example, some are made up of aircraft grade metals (aluminum mostly), while some have high lumens, some have LED lights and a few have a strong body that can be used for self-defense.

So you see that there are many to be learned about and reading a few tactical flashlight reviews can mean a lot.

Benefits Of A Tactical Flashlight

Now that you have decided to buy best tactical flashlight as per your requirement, you need to know more about why you should buy one. Well, there are many reasons and it has more benefits than what you can think of. That is very true you may not know but these flashlights are little different than the usual ones found for everyday use.

This is the very reason why they are called tactical; yes they differ in some way than the common ones. The only similarity is that of being able to light up an area as you turn on the light but there is certainly more to them. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of tactical flashlights that will bowl you over:

  • These can provide you protection and the feeling of being safe with them.
  • Places like parks, aircraft and areas that prohibit carrying weapons, these flashlights can keep you secured.
  • These can be simply used to defend yourself just with the flash itself as it can stun an attacker without even hitting them.
  • Yes, you can use the body of these tactical flashlights like a baton if there is a need like the police do.
  • This means there is no need to carry your firearms or weapons in open when a simple flashlight can be used for the same.
  • Can be used for survival as well.

Comparison Table: Top 5 Tactical Flashlight For Your Buck

Product NameBulbLumensBody Material 
J5 Tactical V1-PROJ5 LED300Aircraft-Grade AluminumView on Amazon
Vizeri LED FlashlightCREE T6 XML LED460Military grade AluminumView on Amazon
Helotex G4 Tactical Flashlight
Editors' Choice
CREE XM-L2 LED1000Anodized aluminumView on Amazon
Fenix PD35 Tactical FlashlightCree XP-L (V5) LED1000Aircraft-grade aluminumView on Amazon
PeakPlus Tactical FlashlightCREE XML T6 LED1000Aluminum AlloyView on Amazon

Top Rated Best Tactical Flashlights On The Market 2017

Without wasting any more time, it here is a list of best tactical flashlight reviews whenever we talk about.

1. J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300 Lumen Ultra Bright Flashlight

You would be happy with this tactical light thanks to it being super bright. The use of 300 lumens as max output gives it the intense beam. The beam can go up to an impressive 600 feet.

The manufacturer still made the flashlight to have several modes you could use with the flashlight. There is the high, low or strobe mode all-important for the use of the flashlight outdoors. With such brightness and modes, it should be easy to note anything coming your way.

With its single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable battery, it can give you hours of great light at all times. The heavy duty and tough construction give it an edge over the other models within the same category. Thanks to such features, you get that the model is perfect hunting, camping or any tactical activity.

  • The product has been endorsed by celebrities
  • It comes with a heavy-duty construction for better performance
  • The model does not need a lot of charges
  • The flashlight is super bright at 300 lumens
  • It is perfect for hunting or camping


  • There is no option for focusing the beam
  • The activation switch fails after a while

2. Vizeri LED Flashlight: Best EDC Flashlight

This flashlight is a compact product with very high beam intensity. It is worth a buy for people who have a strong fascination for flashlights. No sooner the light is switched on the focused beam scatters the room like a fully illuminated lantern. This light is IPX7 waterproof with a fixed focal length where a single beam is forced into fit all applications. The light also comes with a Lifetime Manufactures Warranty.

  • The light is compact and is made of military grade aluminum and hardened anodized finish.
  • The beam of the torch is unbelievably bright with 3 times the battery life as compared to similar products available in the market.
  • The light has a very precise zoom focus, a water tight O ring that enables submission to 3 feet.
  • Heavy duty switch with flexible power options using either AAA or rechargeable lithium non iron batteries.
  • A light diffuser and a holster come with this package.
  • It has an optional weapon mount and a remote switch which can fit into AR 1 rifle, shotgun or airsoft gun. It can also be mounted on mountain bikes for people who love trekking.


Make sure you are investing your money for buying the product manufactured in the USA only as there are a lot of fakes are available in the market as of now.

3. Helotex G4: Best 1000 Lumens Flashlight

The Helotex G4 is one of the few flashlights in the market that is compact and delivers an incredible output of 1000 lumens at a go. The light has the capability on working on detachable alkaline batteries CR 123 or a single 18650 rechargeable battery. If you a looking for a pocket size powerhouse, then this is a product that anyone will like to use.

  • The flashlight is constructed of anodized 6063-T6 aircraft aluminum which makes it highly durable.
  • There is an o ring seal on all parts for optimum weather resistance.
  • The unit features a CREE XM L2 LED which has a unique ability to throw 1000 lumen intensity of light. It is incorporated with an on/off button on the rear. Once turned on the user can toggle between high, low and strobe functions with a single tap on the on/off button.
  • The light needs just a second to attend its full capacity.
  • The LED life is 50000 hours.
  • The running time is 2.7 hours on HIGH mode and 72+ hours on LOW mode.


The unit has a warranty of 1 year and the two CR 123 or 18650 rechargeable batteries are not included with the unit. It has to be purchased separately.

4. Fenix PD35 TAC: Best Camping Flashlight

The PD35 TAC (Tactical Edition) is a bit pricey on the pocket but the product is worth an every penny you spent. This pocket size unit measures just 5 .51 inches and features up to a 1000 lumens output capacity with a beam distance measuring 656 feet.


  • The product has 6 output functions on an outdoor mode. Each mode has different lumen ratings.
  • The unit comes with a holster and a smart battery charger. The batteries used are either 18650 rechargeable battery or two EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries.
  • The charger is capable of charging two sets of batteries simultaneously. It automatically detects the battery status when inserted and selects the appropriate voltage and charging mode and automatically stops when the charging is completed.
  • The LED lifespan is 50000 hours.
  • There is a tactical tail switch with a momentary on function.
  • The package includes 2 X EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries.


The charger will not charge normal CR 123 batteries. It has to be RCR 123 batteries where R stands for a rechargeable. So when you are ordering for extra batteries just keep this in mind.

5. PeakPlus Zoomable Adjustable Focus 5 Modes Tactical Flashlight

This is a true tactical light you will ever need for various applications you might have in mind. The full kit includes having a tactical LED flashlight, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, battery sleeve, a lithium ion battery holder and a user manual. All these components are important for the proper working of the flashlight. Having a rechargeable battery is great so that you do not have to keep on buying the disposable battery after a while.

The brightness you get from the model on overall is great so that you can use the model more often for various uses. The strong aluminum alloy body is important for keeping the flashlight intact at all times. The body is also made to be water resistant, skid proof, and much more. You can easily use it for hunting, fishing, hiking or any case of power outages.


  • It has a zoom function and adjustable focus range
  • Its body is water resistant, skid proof and anti-abrasive
  • The model delivers maximum brightness many people could use
  • It comes with up to 5 different modes to use


  • Some users feel it is cheaply made

Why You Need A Tactical Flashlight?

If you are thinking about getting the best tactical flashlight, then it would be wiser what kind of benefits it brings along with it. You may be thinking why to buy a flashlight in the very first place. There are many reasons for this and that there quite a good number of them. Here are a few answers that can satisfy your query as of now:

  • Self-defense

    The foremost thing that we could think of is this and yes it could be used as a self-defense weapon in case you do not have one. You can always use it to hit back your attacker quickly and startle them with your sudden defense. The edges of most of these flashlights are hard and can really hurt badly once hit. Even the police use a flashlight for hitting their suspect instead of a baton.

  • Unsuspecting

    Well, you can reach your purse for a survival knife or a pepper spray that attackers are already aware of, but a small flashlight not everyone is concerned about. However, these can serve as a really good self-defense weapon.

  • Without training

    The fact that you just need to know how to hit back is the main focus here. There is no need to be trained to know how to use it like other martial arts or shooting with a gun. Point is if you know how to press a button, you are good to go.

  • Blinding effect

    There is more to your self-defense and tactics that you can employ to ward off an attacker. You can use the intensity of your tactical flashlight to blind them with a sudden flash of light. This can baffle an invader trying to rob you off your tranquility. The police use this strategy to unarm their suspect, to begin with.

  • Find what is hidden

    With the spotlight in your hands you can easily what lies beneath. This means you can use your tactical flashlight to uncover what is hidden. You can look deeper into every nook and corner by flashing your light in case of finding a treasure or arsenal.

  • User’s discretion

    There are places that may prohibit the use of weapons like in an aircraft or school but carrying a flashlight is never restricted. You are free to carry it along with you anywhere you like.

  • Versatile tool

    Don’t forget that during power outage this is the only tool that we all look for. Yes, besides it is such a powerful weapon, the bottom line is that it is a tool to light up an area amidst all the darkness.

What is ANSI FL1 Standards?

Up until recently, there have been no formal standards set for the product usage and manufacturer’s instructions in the flashlight industry. The introduction of new standards, naming ANSI FL1 Standards has become necessary for all torch products to maintain the efficiency and the output result of the equipment. Here is a brief description of reading the standard sheets as provided by the manufacturer which is very important for your tactical flashlight.

  1. Light output

    This is the lumens rating which shows the amount of light emitted from the front of the flashlight. It is generally measured in candelas unit and the lumens intensity will differ as per the product.

  2. Run time

    This is the amount of time, which the light takes to get 10 % of its initial output. As, for example, if the light has an intensity of 100 lumens then the length of continuous time it will emit until it comes down to 10 lumens.

  3. Beam distance

    This is the measurement of the distance at which the intensity of the beam reaches 0.2 lux and is measured in meters.

  4. Peak beam intensity

    This is the brightest point of the beam which tells how bright the point is and also measured in candelas.

  5. Impact resistance

    This indicates the approximate height that in case the flashlight is dropped on the concrete will make it work properly without any crack. It is measured in meters for good and there is no more confusion about it.

  6. Water resistance

    There are 3 levels of water resistance set as per the standards. IPX4 states the performance of a flashlight under splashing water. IPX7 states the performance if it is submerged to 1meters of water for 30 min and finally IPX8 states the performance if submerged deeper than 1 meter of water for up to 4 hours.

This is another point of discussion because everyone wants to buy the best tactical flashlight and you are not wrong to think so. Let us have a look at how can we buy the best.

What Is Your Budget?

You could be a law enforcer, hunter or a survival specialist when it comes to buying we all are the same. This is because all of us tend to have a budget and there is no point shooting it up.

Over the time flashlight manufacturers have succeeded in creating some fabulous products. These days you can get LED flashlights and the best flashlight brands on the market such as Maglite. You can expect the same kind of quality as the high-end products because it is a highly competitive market. Here are some of the key features that you can expect to get with these products too:

  • The lumens are as high and the performance is superb.
  • Some come with rechargeable batteries and what not to entice customers.
  • Some may run on AAA batteries and others on Li-On.
  • A few of these also have advanced focus systems.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum in the body.
  • Different modes of operation from low to high lighting.
  • Signaling mechanism to raise an alarm.
  • Many of these products are even waterproof.
  • Some come with warranty.

These may be low priced but offer services like the expensive ones and rest assured you can get to know your flashlight well. There are no doubts about the fact that these flashlights can amaze you with their power capacity and performance anytime.

What Types of Flashlight Do You Want?

Primarily, you can differentiate flashlight into three categories if you are planning to buy one. These categories are based on the lumen, batteries and then the last one would be by use. It may not be that easy for the first timer, but it is not that difficult if you follow some simple things. First of understanding your own requirement is the most important factor here. Below is a grouping of all these flashlights that we have compiled with care.

Lumen range

What is lumen? In simple words, lumen is the measuring unit and it measures the total amount of what is called visible light that is actually emitted by the light source. Quite obviously the higher the count, the better the light is the recipe of a flashlight.

The best of both worlds can be obtained by following some tricks that have been unfolded in this section. In this part of the conversation, we discuss how to procure the best tactical flashlights in the best possible way.

Lumens are a commercial these days as every manufacturer prefers using them to sell their product. If they are doing so, why should you not do the same? Meaning you can also choose your flashlight as per the markings and you need to know is higher the lumens brighter the light. Again, you need to know the use of high lumens properly because investing in 1000 lumens just to use it around the house will do no good. Furthermore, high lumens cost you more and it will not be a good idea to buy something that can help campers and survival specialists more. Let us understand what these lumens are all about in details:

  • 1–20 lumens

    These can be found in the keychain flashlights as they are easy to carry ones. These can only light up a small fragment of a dark room, help you read a map, walking in a park at night, accessing a keyhole, or may be an escort you out to a restroom in the dark in a theater.

  • 30 to 100

    These are the general purpose ones that you keep getting around the house, hiking, repairing a car or even other expeditions in the dark. In fact, 100 lumens can cause temporary blindness which means it can be used for self-defense too. So you also need to be careful not to mess up your own vision during an outing.

  • 100 and above

    These are the tactical flashlights that we have been talking for so long. These can be used as a weapon for self-defense, survival and quite aptly for lighting an area properly with bright lumens. The 150 lumens can be used to blind an assailant with ease and again be warned about the usage.

  • 200 and above

    These are specifically used for trails, to light up surroundings and even as bicycle headlamps. Well, at 300 lumens blinding could be caused at indoors too and with 700 you can actually light up a field.

  • 1000 and up

    Strictly for outdoors like the ones used by rescue parties, diving and night orienteering. Although being handheld, but are little heavier than all the above. These have to be durable enough to withstand rough weather and the dirt on the road. These are bright and are a choice of professionals throughout the globe because of their versatility.


If you want to deviate from the above topic and diversify your selection process, then you can cast a look at the batteries.

  1. AA flashlight

    The good old regular ones that are highly disposable alkaline batteries that we use on a day to day basis. This never fails and the fact that these are available at all stores makes them one of the best ones. These are favorites of many campers and professionals because of this single reason. The only downside of flashlights that use these batteries is that they do not illuminate too much. However, their upsides outnumber their downsides, which is why they have been a popular choice of many all across the world.

  2. AAA flashlight

    This aaa flashlight are very much like the above-mentioned alkaline ones and are readily accessible at major stores. These are of course more powerful and can light up an area in a better way. Moreover, one special thing that makes these batteries special is them being less expensive.

    Nonetheless can be easily disposed of off when they run out. One problem with these batteries is that they do not last long and die very fast, but this is not considered to be a problem as they are available all the time in stores as already mentioned. All this certainly makes them a treat for those who do not want to invest in anything high end.

  3. 18650 flashlight

    The Li-On batteries serve pretty good as these can last for long to start with. These have high lumens to work with in coordination that makes them worth every penny spent on them. Yes, they are expensive and you cannot deny it, but they serve equally well. Another problem is that of not being at hand because these are specialty batteries that need to be bought from specific stores. Just invest your money in a good brand name and that should see you through and give no cause for worry for quite some time. This means these flashlights work with LED lights best and can actually brighten up a place sharply.

  4. Rechargeable flashlight

    These are nothing but Li-On batteries that can be recharged as the name suggests for recurrent use. An example would be the CR123A batteries that have swept the world with its power performance. High lumens with batteries that can be recharged did create frenzy some time back. The only problem is that you need to buy a charger for these batteries which may be a daunting task for some. Otherwise, with their dominance and control, these batteries are to be considered the very best. These are here to rule and that is what they have done for quite some time now.


This is yet another way to sort out what suits you best and which is the best flashlight for you. Feel free to go through this list too, as this will only help you understand your needs better:

  1. Brightest flashlight

    These are of course the brightest of all as they consist of 10,000 lumens and have an output of 7300 lumens. This makes them stand out totally from the rest because of their ability to light up a huge area. Plus, most of these are waterproof and run on 18650 rechargeable batteries. This makes them sturdy and long lasting that gives you more than enough reason to give it a consideration. Yes the only thing that you need to know is that these on the expensive side so that means if you have a budget you will have to think about it.

  2. EDC (everyday carry) flashlight

    The EDC flashlight is a commonly used flashlight. These typically run on AA or AAA batteries, making your life comfortable. Not to mention the batteries are available at local stores which is why these are so much in demand. These are usually of 3 inches in size and are sufficient for your regular needs. There is no need to add that these last you long and are ideal for rough use. You can get them with plastic or aluminum body that gives you a variety to select from.

  3. Keychain flashlight

    Just like the name implies, it is a flashlight with a keychain at the end. That is the tail of the flashlight has a keychain attached to it and its ideal size is something around 3 inches. This makes it a perfect product to be kept inside a purse, handbag or the glove compartment of a car. These are moderately priced and can fulfill your everyday needs. These also runs on AA and AAA batteries that are abundantly available in the stores. All this makes them a popular product that gets them all the attention. if you are looking for something simple, then you can go for these.

  4. Survival flashlight

    A survival flashlight is the first and foremost thing that a survival specialist has to have. Usually, these flashlights have color coded lenses. There is no need to mention that each of these colors indicates something special and has specialty usage. These flashlights have diffusers that can be used to increase and decrease the intensity of light. This certainly helps survival professionals to find their way and sometimes even camouflage their moves. These are lots of debate about alkaline batteries or rechargeable ones as one is easily accessible but the latter can last longer. Hence, most survival specialists choose rechargeable over the primary ones.

  5. Hunting or Camping flashlight

    Who else more than the campers know the true value of a flashlight? So the flashlight had to design one specifically catering to their needs. So these hunting or camping flashlights were introduced to make their lives easy. These flashlights can keep them safe and can be used to keep them away from anything appalling. These can save them during a power failure, after lights out or even all through their expeditions. With LED lights, solar batteries, rechargeable batteries and powerful lumens the scenario has changed completely for campers all round the world. In fact, the invasion by various brands has made it competitive and this, in turn, has given campers a lot more choices.

  6. Compact or Small flashlight

    LED flashlight like a keychain or a pen can be considered ideal for many. This is exactly what is meant by a compact or a small flashlight. These are available in varied shapes and sizes (1.5 to 3 inches) that can be slid inside a handbag, tied around a belt or kept in a pocket. Yes, these may not have high lumens may be 6 is more and have a rather short shelf life. On the brighter side of this these are easy to carry as they are weightless, most of them look attractive and some even come with a guarantee.

  7. Law enforcement, Police or Military flashlight

    High lumens, strong body as most law enforcers use these as a weapon, often come with a pocket clip to carry along and overheat protection are some of the basic features that you look into when we talk about police flashlight. Besides all this, a law enforcement flashlight has to be gun mountable and should come with lenses for diffusing the intensity of light. They can use to disorient a suspect or hit back in personal defense, all these criteria have to be satisfied for a police flashlight. As buyers are conscious of this market, so are the manufacturers who keep innovating their products to bring the best.

Size Of Flashlights

If you ever thought buying a flashlight was easy then you would be wrong. It is not as these days you have standards to comply with, of course for you own good and you get a variety of them to choose from. You should investigate a little to find which one suits your requirements the best. Like do you need it to be just around the house, in your glove compartment, for hunting expeditions or want to use it for under a weapon for security? Different people have different needs and there is no denying this truth. Below is a compiled list of types of tactical flashlight that you can choose from:

  • Mini flashlights

    As the name suggests it is a cute small handheld flashlight. In general, it runs on AA or AAA batteries and can illuminate a smaller area as it is only 3 inches in size. It can fit into the hands, but yes cannot be used as a weapon because of tiny size. Overall, it is small to fit into a purse or the glove compartment but can serve the purpose of lighting up a dark area without much of a problem.

  • Penlights

    As per the name a penlight is about the size of a pen that is usually used by doctors and nurses to check their patients. These have very high lumens and yes can be used as a weapon as it has the blinding that we have been talking about on an intruder.

  • Medium flashlights

    Now this is the most used flashlight of all as they are available in 4 and 6 inches in size. This means they are easy to handle and are bigger than a small palm sized or pen-sized one. These also come with a variety of lumens and LED bulbs that you can choose from. Some can really catch your fancy at an instant because of their boisterous looks. Yes, these can be used as a self-defense weapon when there is a need.

  • Large Flashlights

    Picture the ones that police carry with them, more than 6 inches in size with a small bezel but a sturdy one. This serves like a powerful weapon one that can replace a baton and can laminate a large area. So you can use it camping and other outdoor adventures that you may be thinking of.

Types Of Batteries. How Much Battery Life You Need?

Practically speaking, most of us would want to get a best tactical flashlight that would be easy to maintain. More importantly, its parts should be easily replaceable which means they should be found at hand. This is because it gives you the leverage to buy parts like batteries or bulbs from anywhere anytime. Talking about batteries brings us to this point of discussion where we focus on batteries of a tactical flashlight. Let us have a quick look at the ones that are readily available in the market to the ones that are found in the most sophisticated of flashlights:

  • Everyday Carry (EDC)

    The C and D cell batteries that are widely used in flashlights for everyday use. These may not suit high power requirements, but these are a pragmatic choice for many like the survival industry, travelers, hikers, backpackers and the likes. Reason being better availability of these batteries over any other type.

  • AA or AAA alkaline

    The AA or AAA batteries are alkaline batteries that are again pretty much easy to be found. The aa flashlight may not be a great help for professionals as these are not that powerful but can light up enough to brighten the darkest of areas.

  • Rechargeable batteries

    Think of the Li-on batteries like the 18500 or the 18650 flashlights which are a great power resource. There are no doubts about these rechargeable flashlight batteries being sturdy and quite luminous, but the only problem lies with the fact that you need to keep them charged. It is quite obvious that for this you need to buy a good charger to go with as it will keep it charged as per requirement.

  • Diposable Lithium

    No do not judge the book by its cover and that means do not confuse them with the Li-on batteries. These are as powerful as those batteries and last more than alkaline ones, but these can store energy. They are light in weight and have a shelf life of at least 10 years! The downside is that of these being more expensive than the alkaline ones.

Types Of Control Switches

Now talking about flashlights is incomplete without discussing their switches. Come on, this is going to be interesting and we promise that we will not bore you anyways. Jokes apart, there are three main types of switches like:

  • Body switch

    Do you remember Mag-lite that has the switch on side of tail of the body? That is the kind we are talking about here that you can grip easily. In fact, you can hold these in special ways that are possible with another type for sure.

  • Tail switch

    This is the favorite of all as the switch to turn off and turn on the light is located at the bottom of the flashlight. This serves as a great tool when it comes to self-defense because of this feature. This indicates that while using it with a gun can also become an effortless job because of this strategic placement of the switch.

  • Head/Tail twisting switch

    Okay, this one can be found in the small cute ones like the keychain flashlight. As the name suggests the switching on or off has to be done by twisting either the head or the tail. Most people complain about this kind to loosen the head or the tail due to regular twisting.

Special Light Modes

Are you thinking of a flashlight with some special modes of operation? The good news is they are very much available and you can buy them depending on your prerequisites. Here are quite a few varieties that people usually look for when talking about special light modes:

  • SOS

    In naval language this is called the save our ship savior mode. This is a part of Morse code that naval officers are generally used in case of an emergency only. There is a pattern of blinking that rescuers are aware of, which is why it is most useful for survival professionals and campers.

  • Beacon

    Not to mention that this beacon blinks all the time like a lighthouse. Suitable for the survival industry as this keep on blinking after a few seconds. Someone who needs to be spotted out can make use of this as it can draw attention quite effortlessly.

  • Strobe

    Most interesting of all as this is an illustrious light that can be used for self defense. Why so because it can bamboozle anyone with its luminosity and can be used to defend oneself from a miscreant. It has a blinding effect on a suspect and can really confuse them without a doubt. Need we say more about this?

Material To Make A Flashlight

In simple words, you would want to invest in a sturdy flashlight no matter what. Yes, you may also keep your options for the small keychain ones, but most of us prefer buying the standard one that will have enough light to put out darkness. In order to get the right kind of flashlight, you need to ensure that it is a sturdy one and that can be used for self-defense in case a need be.

  • Stainless Steel body

    The best of all them as it is not that costly and is low maintenance. Additionally, it is non-toxic and can be used to defend yourself if need may be.

  • Plastic body

    Here we need to amalgamate the composite built ones as there are fewer companies that manufacture quality plastic body flashlights.

  • Titanium body

    Very sturdy, skin-friendly material that ensures when in direct contact with your skin does not cause rashes or breakout while outdoors. It is light in weight too, which adds to its selling point. Yes, but it is expensive and if you are in budget then you can give this a miss.

  • Anodized Aluminum body

    Both type II and type III are considered to be good investments as they are strong and long lasting. What more can you expect from a flashlight?

Water Resistance

If you want to buy a survival flashlight that is waterproof then you should know some fundamentals. These essentials are about how much you want your flashlight to be water resistant, as into what level. Yes, there are levels of water resistance that you may be looking into and you can choose the best tactical flashlight that suits your requisites. Here is a small contribution from us that will make you understand these levels better:

  • IPX4

    This is a symbol that indicates the flashlight can resist some splash of water. This means you are not supposed to immerse in water as it will not withstand that much of water. These like the ones that we use at home, the everyday flashlight.

  • IPX7

    Now this one can be submerged in water up to 1 meter but not beyond 30 minutes. So be very careful about how to use this if you want to buy one marked with this.

  • IPX8

    Not to mention that this one goes beyond the 1-meter limit and can get soaked for 4 hours in the least. This is a good and sturdy flashlight that can serve you really long if taken care of properly.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know so much about the best tactical flashlight you probably are now going to get one. The following tips can prove beneficial for all who want to buy a handheld or weapon mounted flashlight right away:

  • Maintain standards

    Make sure that the flashlight complies with ANSI FL1 Standards as mentioned above. This is because these are the industry following which you will get quality products. This further indicates if you buy a product that complies with these guidelines, then you will certainly get one which will last longer and serve you well.

  • Proper lighting

    Yes, again how much is good light is another question that is hard to answer. Still, generally speaking, you can try to get anything between 90 lumens to 200 lumens as this bright enough, but does not take too much of your battery life in comparison to the ones with higher lumens.

  • Right batteries

    This something difficult to provide a direct answer to as we would suggest getting something that runs on AA batteries. These are easily available in the market, which makes using them is more of a convenience. Whereas if you think of the lithium types, then you may have to wait once the battery runs out. Hence it is advisable that you buy one that is convenient for you.

  • Gripping it

    Buy a compact flashlight that is easy to use because it is you who will be using, so ensuring its optimum usage will be pragmatic. You may have others in the house that may use it occasionally as well. So getting a flashlight that can be gripped effortlessly and comfortably is a must. It should not be too heavy for you to grip that it would fall neither should be a small tactical flashlight that hardly can be seen.

Before investing your hard-earned money, you should at least think over what good does the particular product or service would be off. Does it give you value for your money or helps you in one or other? There are many questions that run through your mind when you even think of buying a new product.

Well, consider buying a flashlight as no different because of there a few advantages that you may get with this buy too. Everyone wants to invest their money in something that adds value to their money. Selecting the best tactical flashlight is no exception to this and choosing it wisely is a must.

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