Best Heated Socks for Hunting 2018 Reviews

It is that time of the year again that you need to keep your feet warm or rather, your feet never stay warm. Good news! The best heated socks are what you need.

best heated socks for hunting

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Heated socks will help to keep your feet warm during winter hunting and for those people whose feet never stay warm and also provide circulation of air. Although there are many heated socks in the market today, finding the one that suits you best might be a difficult decision to make. Here is a list that can help you make the right choice.

  • Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole. If you need a wireless heater to keep your feet warm, then this is the best option for you. It uses a wireless remote control to turn on the heater and ensure that your feet stay warm throughout. These insoles use lithium ion for generation of heat. The batteries of this heater are rechargeable so you can save on buying batteries every now and then.
  • For a single charge to keep your feet super warm, or for a regulated warmth throughout the day, find your comfort in the Heated Socks 2X-Large. This product contains rechargeable batteries that save you on regular spending. The batteries are made of lithium ion and they are the heat energy provider in the heated sock system.
  • Although currently not available in the market, this product is sure to give you warmth during winter without the need of any installation. The Unisex Set Lithium Pack is a new technological innovation from Lenz products that will surely keep you warm.
  • Merino Wool Pocket Socks has a special pocket over the toes to hold Heat Factory Foot Warmers. This product has served outdoor lovers for about three decades and still being in the market means it is a trusted product.
  • Thermal Socks is a product of Heat Holders is made from a specially developed heavy bulk yarn which has extreme thermal qualities. This product can be considered as heated socks for hunting.

Reviews of The 5 Best Heated Socks In The Market 2018

Some of the top heated socks reviews include the following:

#1. Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole

This product is operated by a wireless remote control and a high-tech thermal technology to ensure that the feet stay warm. The thermal technology infused allows this product to be adjusted to three different temperatures depending on the user’s preference.

The Thermacell Heated Insole is rechargeable as it comes with a charger on the purchase. These insoles have been referred by many as heated insoles for hunting. Heated insoles are a popular selection for people who want to stave off the cold from their feet and probably live in consistently cold temperatures.


  • This item saves you money when it comes to batteries as they are rechargeable, hence no need of replacing the batteries.
  • The product provides ease of use due to the wireless technology infused. The product is operated by a remote control.
  • The availability of different temperature settings gives the user comfort as they can regulate the temperature that they deem comfortable.


  • Replacing the usual insoles, this pair might feel a bit uncomfortable.
  • This product will heat only one area under the foot so the other areas might not feel warm enough.
  • The charge of this device lasts up to only 3 or 5 hours.

#2. Heated Socks 2X-Large

This sock is equipped with two 7 volts each lithium batteries that are rechargeable. The user is able to regulate the socks to the level of warmth of their desire. The battery connects to plug and tucks discreetly into a hook and loop pocket. You can find these socks online at reasonable prices as determined by its features.


  • The warmth can be regulated to either high or low depending on the user’s preference.
  • The lithium ion batteries are c saving money on battery replacement.
  • The socks have a return policy for unused goods, ensuring that the user is satisfied with their product.


  • The socks have a low battery life.

#3. Unisex Set Lithium Pack

This pair serves incredibly in winter sports and outdoor activities. It is a new innovation designed with three different temperature settings that last for 14 hours. The socks are operated by a Bluetooth remote control. This product has an App that is also used to control the socks and regulate temperature.


  • This heated sock is incredible for hunting as the batteries do not interfere with movement.
  • The socks are not too thick thus providing comfort.
  • Batteries can run for several hours up to 14-16 hours.
  • The socks have a natural feel of heat production.


  • The socks are designed to suit the cold weather only.
  • There is an unnecessary extra cost, the additional cost of the product’s app.
  • This product is currently unavailable in the market and neither is its return was known.

#4. Heat Factory’s Merino Wool Pocket Socks

When going hunting, carry these socks. With a calf length, this sock is sure to keep you warm during winter and as you hunt. They are designed with integrated pockets at the top that holds heat warmers without risk of slipping. They are considered the best heated socks for hunting. These socks can be purchased online and you will be the judge to decide whether the cost is friendly depending on the features of the socks.


  • Heaters do no slip.
  • Being in the market for thirty years, this is a product you can trust.


  • The socks are too bulky to be fit in boots.

#5. Thermal Socks, Men’s Original

These are the warmest known thermal socks. The socks are 100{6eed75c7f8c195edd1162272d31c56c9d78bf8d95bfa341f234a4c2acf0cac3e} acrylic with superior moisture wicking capabilities. Warm is not an enough description for these socks as they are the ultimate solution to forget about cold feet.

The socks are specially made from heavy bulk yarn that provides more warmth than the ones made from basic cotton. The socks can be obtained for a worth sum of money that meets the features that it brings to the table. These socks are available online with free shipping. There is also a return policy for an exchange in case the socks did not meet your satisfaction, as long as it remains unused.


  • The socks are breathable.
  • Wearing these socks not only keeps your feet warm but also provides comfort.
  • The socks are an easy hand wash.
  • They are simple and well designed.


  • Some people might find these socks to be too long and bulky.
  • When you use a dryer to dry these socks, they will shrink so dryers are not an option.
  • The socks are not quite durable and they wear out pretty fast boring holes at the toes and heel.

What Are Heated Socks Made Of?

Heated socks are made from high-quality fabric that is thick enough to trap heat. They use batteries in order to generate heat that keeps the feet warm. Most of the heat socks use rechargeable lithium ion batteries to provide the heat that is needed for warmth. The heated socks also regulate the temperatures to a preference of a user.

When regular socks wear out, the toes and the heels are the parts that are affected first. Extra fabric is placed at the toes and the heels of the heated socks in order to prevent wearing out of the socks.

What is The Importance of Heated Socks?

Heated socks are important for air circulation and keeping cold feet warm. Since wearing cotton socks in winter weather, particularly if you engage in strenuous activities, is a recipe for cold feet and frostbitten toes regardless of how fancy your winter boot might be.

This has hence found a way in the market for heated socks. The heated socks are useful for various reasons:

  • They keep your feet dry, as they are made with features that enable them to absorb moisture.
  • They keep cold feet warm.
  • Battery heated socks help people to keep warm and cozy in addition to preventing them from catching a cold.
  • Heated socks are more effective to keeping you warm as compared to woolen or cotton socks.
  • Brings warmth to your toes, being the first place to be hit by winter chills.


Most of these heated socks are battery operated socks and the most valuable are those that are rechargeable. After a careful analysis of the heated socks in the market, it is safe to consider Thermal Socks as the best socks to go for in the market. They are a pair of rechargeable heated socks and do not require battery replacement. These socks are known to be the ultimate in heated socks.

So, having the right socks in mind, you can walk into your nearest store, better yet, go to the online market in the comfort of your home and buy these heated socks. The socks are sure to cost your money’s worth.

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