Best Muzzleloader Scopes for Better Hunting

If you own a muzzleloader, the chances are that you would be looking to improve on your shooting skills. This calls for getting yourself the best muzzleloader scopes to get the job done. It is common to find more people looking to use the scopes as a way of improving the gun accuracy. You too could shoot better by getting one for your gun. With the advancement in technology, you can always expect to now end up with the best scopes. Below are some of the top models you can buy when it comes to the muzzleloaders scopes.

5 Best Muzzleloader Scopes For The Money 2017 Reviews

#1. Nikon Inline XR BDC 300 Riflescope, Matte Black

This is one of the best muzzleloader scopes you can get for yourself today if you are looking for something that delivers the best in terms of technology. The spot on ballistic match technology is something that sets it apart from the others. It should now be able to deliver varying aiming points on your reticle. You can now have a better guess on determining the bullet drop before taking the shot.

The BDC or Bullet Drop Compensation is another feature that makes it be one of the best scopes you can buy today. The technology helps with offering instant aiming points to the user. This could be great, especially for people looking to take down a target found at longer ranges.

So, how about using the scope in low light conditions? The manufacturer made the model to deliver the best performance even if you have to use it in low light conditions. This is possible thanks to the use of the fully multi coated lenses. This ensures that you get up to 92 percent of the light being transmitted through the compounds.

The scope overall construction is impressive thanks to the use of aircraft grade aluminum. As you can see, you will not have to worry much about the durability of the scope. There is still the use of O-ring sealing so that the scope remains waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. You should now be able to use it in different weather conditions.

Things we liked
  • Great for long range shooting
  • Impressive in low light conditions
  • Easy to make adjustments
Things we didn’t like
  • Narrow field of view

#2. Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope, Matte Black

If you are looking to get a lightweight scope for your muzzleloader, then you can get this type of model. It is designed to weigh 11 ounces, which is lighter than most scopes you get on the market. It is the reason you should get it among some of the top models today to use for your rifle and muzzleloader.

It comes from a company that was among the pioneers of waterproofing their scopes. This should give you confidence that this model comes already waterproofed to make it durable and versatile.

The main lens comes filled with a blend of argon and krypton so that you get lenses that are waterproof and fog proof. It can be hard to have better visibility when the lens is not fog proof.

You still get the lenses coated with a LeupoldDiamondCoat. This is responsible for making the lens scratch resistant. The presence of the blackened edges is important to help with reducing glare and diffusion of the light as it enters the scope.

These many features help in improving the resolution and contrast of what you see through the scope. You get about 94 percent of the light being transmitted easily. You can now have clearer images even in the low light conditions.

The eyepiece focus is quite superb and also offers the user an eye relief of 4.2 inches. This means that even heavy recoil cannot hurt you in the end.

Things we liked
  • Durable construction
  • Fogproof model
  • Spacious eye relief
Things we didn’t like
  • Expensive model

#3. Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9×40 BDC

Even with Nikon makes different types of scopes, this goes out there without a doubt as one of the best scopes for the money today. The model features the famous BDC reticle commonly found in other Nikon scopes. The work of such a reticle is to deliver the best aiming points that people need so that they can compensate for the issues of bullet drop.

It is easy to adjust and can be done up to 300 yards. This should make it possible to use the scope from a distance depending on the target in mind. You still get a smartphone app that gives you the exact aiming points for a specified range. This makes the model great in terms of versatility.

You will always end up having an easier time making the quick focus and adjustments when it comes to using this type of model. The best part is that the turrets can easily be returned to the scope zero mark once you are done with sighting in.

With an eye relief of 3.6 inches, this is still a great model you can use. You will no longer have to worry so much about recoil even with extreme shooting angles.

To make it great to use for various weather conditions, the model comes with nitrogen filled lenses. This should make the lenses waterproof and fog proof.

Things we liked
  • Impressive brightness
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to adjust
  • Waterproof and fog proof
Things we didn’t like
  • Might not be the best for long ranges

#4. Nikon ProStaff Black Matte Riflescope

As much as it comes with the name riflescope at the end, it is possible to use the same for muzzleloaders. This is one of the common scopes that can be quite versatile depending on the needs of a person. Being a Nikon model, you can expect to get some benefits with using the model. It is designed to be long lasting thanks to the high-quality material used for the process.

The manufacturer also provides a smartphone app you could use with the scope. This is great so that you can learn more about its BDC technology works. You can also know just how much to adjust by inputting the ammo and gun information into the app. The instant results you get from the app are what you get to use for having a better shot.

If you are looking for a great model for long ranges, then you can use this type. It is designed to take the shooting up to 600 yards. This is quite impressive as most scopes would have a less range.

The 3.7-inch eye relief is important to protect you from issues of muzzleloader recoils. You can always adjust the focus easily without any problem with the ¼ MOA click adjustments. The settings do not just arbitrarily change this is thanks to having the zero reset turrets.

Things we liked
  • Great for long range shooting
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable construction
Things we didn’t like
  • Expensive model

#5. Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600

Whenever you get to buy this model, you can expect to end up with a high-end scope. Being high end, you are expecting to get the best performance at all times. You can now get to utilize your muzzleloader easily as you should as the shooter.

If you need a model to use for both mid and long ranges, then you can have this one. It is designed to shoot from 100 to a maximum of 600 yards. Those long range-hunting trips just got easier with this type of model.

It is possible to compute the bullet drop compensation with this Nikon scope. This is important for anyone looking to make the right adjustments so that you get to deliver accurate shots at all times.

Just like many other Nikon scopes, this one also comes with a generous eye relief of 3.6 inches. This is important to protect you from issues of repeated recoils common with muzzleloaders.

The lighting conditions are often critical to the hunter. You will need a model that can deliver impressive performance even in low light conditions. It is what you get when it comes to this model. It can deliver a maximum of 98 percent light penetration.

Things we liked
  • Great in low light conditions
  • Easy adjustments
  • Enough eye relief
Things we didn’t like
  • Incompatible with some gun models

Source: Realtree

How to Choose the Best Muzzleloader Scope?

The magnification

This is definitely going to be an important feature that you should always look at when it comes to buying the muzzleloader scope. If you are going to shoot over long ranges, then you need a model that can meet such specifications. Check out the various models comparing their magnification before you can buy one for your muzzleloader.

The construction

The scope construction is important when it comes to determining its durability. Make sure that you get a model that can withstand the constant recoil from a gun. It is possible that you can get models being made from strong materials such as aircraft grade aluminum. This is important so that you can always have a rigid model that can withstand the tough conditions of hunting.

The eye relief

For a muzzleloader, you can always expect to be faced with the issue of recoils. You will have to consider the eye relief that you get when it comes to buying the scope. Having an eye relief of four inches is often enough in most cases so that you end up having an easier time handling the power of the gun.

The light transmission

It is not always that you will end up hunting in clear light, sometimes you would end up with issues of low light. What should you do when this happens? This calls for having a great model that delivers the best light transmission capability. This is when you get a model that will still deliver clear images in the low light conditions. This is often thanks to the coated lenses that aid in light transmission.


It is always important that you get to find the best muzzleloader scope that will deliver the right performance at all times. With the various models reviewed above, you should have an easy time making up your time today. Different models come with various features, so you have to consider checking out several models before picking one that suits your muzzleloader.

All the mentioned above are great, but if you are not sure which to get, you can always opt for the Nikon -223 model. It is designed to have a generous eye relief so that you have an easier time shooting without worrying about recoil too much. It is further made to be precise so that you can always have better shots each time you aim at a target. Being nitrogen filled, the lenses are designed to be waterproof and fog proof.

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