Best Night Vision Rifle Scope For Hunting Reviews 2017

The best night vision riflescopes are always going to be the best thing to happen to a hunter. Most of the time you get to hunt early in the morning or late in the evening when the illumination might be a problem. Having a rifle scope that can be operated at night, then you should have an easy time tracking your target and seeing clearly before taking the shot.

A number of options exist today when it comes to the best night vision riflescopes. You will get different manufacturers highlighting their products as the best, so you have to choose carefully which models to buy. To help you with making that decision, we have come up with a list of some of the top models on the market right now and the features you should consider when buying the riflescope.

Top 5 Night Vision Hunting Scopes For Your Budget

Brand &
and lens
Photon XT
Editors' Choice
Gen 14.6x
2.4 .lbsGlass-nylon composite/metalView on Amazon
Gen 13x
1.8 .lbsTitanium bodyView on Amazon
ATN X-Sight IIGen 15-20X
2.55 .lbsUnknownView on Amazon
Gen 1+5x
108 mm
3.7 .lbsAluminumView on Amazon
Yukon NVRS
Gen 11.5x
2.1 .lbsTitanium bodyView on Amazon

5 Best Night Vision Scope For The Money 2017 Reviews

#1. Sightmark Photon XT 4.6 x 42S Digital NV Riflescope

Any type of riflescope is supposed to be great to get most people interested in getting it for themselves. This model is engineered for a precision place for medium ranges. Being a versatile model, you should get more people interested in what it can offer. The model boasts of offers a high magnification of 4.6x, which should get you the best views while hunting.

The battery life of this riflescope is made to last 30 percent longer compared to the other types of riflescopes in its range. The model is further lightweight making sure that you do not feel as if it is a burden walking around with it. You would not even feel that it has added any weight to your rifle.

The riflescope features six red/white/green digital reticle options. Such a feature should make the model have a vast range of applications. The two crossbow reticles should serve as the best for the 320, 350, 370, and the 400 fps crossbows.

Things we liked
  • Great for day and night use
  • High-resolution display
  • Long eye relief
  • Shockproof
Things we didn’t like
  • Some feel it is too long for their rifles

#2. Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

The design of the model is made to be easy to use and ergonomic at the same time. You should easily feel that it would be great for you each time you get to use it. It also comes with a built-in IR so that you have an easy time with visibility each time you turn it on. Most people would find it useful if they get to use a riflescope that comes with such a feature already integrated into it.

The titanium body speaks a lot about the durability of the model. The titanium material will always deliver better durability when it comes to using the model for longer and harsh outdoor conditions. The titanium body also keeps the weight of the scope down. You end up with a lightweight and durable scope to use on your hunting expeditions.

If you get to view the image in the riflescope, you should easily notice that it offers high-quality image resolution. You can now clearly see your target with so much ease without any problems. With the quick detach weaver mount, getting this model in position on the rifle should still be easy.

Things we liked
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-quality image resolution
  • Quick detach weaver mount
  • Titanium body
  • Built-in IR
Things we didn’t like
  • The magnification could be improved

#3. ATN X-Sight II 5-20 Smart Riflescope

This model comes with all the accessories you might think of when it comes to a riflescope. With more features to offer the users, it is the reason you would get this model being seen as the best for most users. The model utilizes the HD optics to give you better display and image resolution that you are been waiting for a long time.

With this model, it is now possible to record in 1080p. Compare it to the other different models and you will quickly notice that it would not offer the same great performance. With such impressive recording quality, you can now document your hunting expeditions without missing anything and still in better clarity.

The night vision mode sets it apart from other riflescopes. This means that you get to use the model whether it is daytime or at night easily. There is also a built-in rangefinder, which should make your life easier when it comes to hunting. With such a feature, you can now range your target before taking that important shot. Once you have ranged, the reticle will adjust automatically the point of impact to help improve the accuracy.

You get an option of 7 choices of reticles. This means that you get to use it for different applications and it would still work great.

Things we liked
  • Day and night vision modes
  • Built-in smart rangefinder
  • Comes with multiple reticle options
  • Records in 1080p
Things we didn’t like
  • The night vision is not as clear as expected

#4. Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope

The 5x magnification is going to appeal to many people who decide to get this type of riflescope. Most people would want a model that would come with the best magnification so that it is clear for them to identify the target even from a distance. You still get that the model is made to have a shock-protected optics. Each time you fire the rifle, the vibrations do not get to the options thanks to the rubberized body. The design of a rubberized body further gives it the right grip when using the scope.

The manufacturer made the model be easy to use each time you are on a hunting trip. You can easily operate the controls and make the right adjustments so that you get to shoot the target each time with ease. The model is still made to easily mount on the standard weaver rails.

You get the option of illuminated red cross reticle. It is still possible to vary the reticle brightness with so much ease. You will always now have a better image resolution with such type of reticle in place.

Things we liked
  • Easily detachable
  • Easy to use
  • Water-resistant design
  • Rubberized body
  • Impressive magnification
Things we didn’t like
  • The screen tends to start flickering after a while

#5. Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5 x42 Night Vision Rifle Scope

This model uses enhanced optics, which should make hunting easier and fun to do all the time. With its durable titanium body, you would find that most people would want to use it for various purposes. They know that the riflescope would come out their other end still looking great. The sleek design is also going to make the model be better as compared to the other night vision rifle scopes.

The model integrates a long mount so that you should have an easy time getting it on and off the rifle. It also comes with an ergonomic design along the mount so that you would feel comfortable each time when using the riflescope. Thanks to the design, it should be easy for different users to mount the model on different types of rifles.

The model comes with a powerful 42mm lens that will provide higher resolution and better light gathering capabilities. You can easily flip up the lens covers to reveal the quality multi-coated optics with an illuminated reticle.

Things we liked
  • Multicoated optics
  • Impressive resolution
  • Durable titanium body
  • Ergonomic design
Things we didn’t like
  • Poor customer service

Features You Should Know Before Buying A Night Vision Scope

Night Vision Generation and Performance

The night vision generations are something you will always have to consider. The generations are a line up of how the scopes have evolved each time with the newer generations having better performance than the earlier models. The generations go up to the 4th generation with it being the latest generation of the scope.

The first generation was characterized by needing a lot of ambient light to operate correctly. You would now easily hunt when there was moon or stars in the sky. Some of the drawbacks of generation 1 led to the invention of generation two. For this generation, it could work better in less light helping the hunter get to the game before shooting.

The third generation comes as something new people had not seen before. It had ion film barrier that was important for extending the life of the optics. You would also get clear pictures, a great signal to noise ratio and a higher resolution. The 4 generation models are often expensive, but you would get them being clear. The improved clarity meant that you get to use the model in different scenarios easily as it needs less ambient light.

Digital Night Vision

The new technology has made the night vision riflescopes to be better. You might want to consider one with the digital night vision. The difference from the standard night vision is that this one would take the light and convert it into a signal. The signal would then be displayed on a screen for you to see. The use of this technology makes it easy for you to end up with clear pictures all the time.

Night Vision Magnification

Magnification is just as important as any other type of feature you get in a night vision scope. The magnification would often vary from one scope to another and also a brand. The magnification can even go up to 10x, but the larger the magnification, the bigger the scope. The bigger scopes might not always be appealing to most people. Another disadvantage would be that such magnification would be expensive. Going for a model with a magnification rating of 3 to 5 should be sufficient for a night vision scope.

IR Illumination for Night Vision

IR illumination is what gets you the night vision on the scope in the first place. This means that you have to choose the model with the best rifle scope illumination at all times. Take IR illuminators as flashlights only that they are not visible to the human eye. The scope will then amplify the light so that you get the brighter and contrasted images of the model. Compare the different models to understand what type of IR illumination you would be getting before making up your mind.

Best Way to Sight in A Night Vision Scope

Sighting in is important if you are going to end up with better accuracy at all times. Here are a few steps you can follow to achieve the best sighting in for a night vision scope.

  • Mount the rifle on a bench rest or a tripod. It is important to make sure that the rifle does not keep moving around.
  • Proceed to set the target at a distance preferably 100 meters. This should give you a practice target for the whole process. With the best magnification, you should have no problem seeing the target.
  • With the scope mounted on the rifle, you can now turn it on and the display will be illuminated. Proceed to adjust the focus and sharpness so that you get a clear image of the target staged at 100 meters.
  • Make sure that you match the center of the reticle with that of your target at a distance. With the live ammunition, fire continuously at the target aiming to hit it at a certain area.
  • With the shooting done, examine the target area and see if you got the shots correctly in relation to what you were aiming. If the point of impact is way off, then you have to adjust the aiming point by using the adjustment knob.
  • Check the accuracy of these adjustments by firing 4 shots on target and then adjusting where necessary. By now your scoped should be good to go at that specified distance.


From the different reviews above, you should have an easier time choosing the best night vision scope that works for you. The best way to end up with a great model is by comparing the features you get from each so that you always have a model that will work great for you. No need to have a model that would not deliver on your hunting needs. Most of the riflescopes are expensive, so you want to end up with the right one each time.


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