Select the Best Pistol Range Bag: Get Important Buying Tips

If you are always finding yourself having a hard time carrying your pistols and other accessories to the shooting range. You might want to get the best shooting range bag with the right features so that you can always carry the much-needed gear to the shooting range. A number of options exist today when it comes to buying the right bags. Many people would be confused with every manufacturer stating that their bag is the best. You can pick the right one starting today once you get to read out best pistol range bag reviews.

Top 5 Best Pistol Range Bag 2017 Reviews

#1. Orca Tactical Gun Pistol Shooting Range Duffle Bag

For a person going to have a great time carrying the pistols and ammo for practice, then you need to get a model with pouches and pockets to handle all your needs. That should easily happen when you end up choosing this type of model for a shooting range bag. The plenty compartments are designed to help you in keeping the handguns, ammo, and any other accessories that you might have.

The best part about these compartments is that they are padded. The paddings ensure that the guns are safe and there are no issues of scratching at all. The main compartment comes with enough space to keep your guns with organizing bands. This should help hold the guns in one place even when you around with the bag.

The additional large zippered side compartments are important to give you the additional space that could be important for keeping additional ammo clips. There is the inclusion of Velcro in the outer pockets, which is important for providing the extra support needed to hold the supplies.

So, what about the quality? Since you would be carrying heavy stuff all the time, you would want to be assured that your pistol range bag can keep up. Well, you are in luck with this model. It comes made of the lightweight 600D polyester material. This material should be able to handle your strength needs in a bag with ease. The manufacturer also included double stitching at all the strong points. This means that you can easily pack this bag to the brim and not worry about it coming apart easily.

The use of premium heavy duty YKK zippers on all outside compartments is another important feature to ensure the zippers do not give in to the high pressure of the contents of the bag.

Things we liked
  • High-quality material
  • Multiple compartments
  • Easy to organize
  • Heavy duty YKK zippers
Things we didn’t like
  • Some felt the Velcro was cheap

#2. Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

It is always important that you get to have enough space when it comes to storing your gear for the shooting range. It is the reason this bag is designed to be spacious enough to accommodate all the gear that you might need later. There are two adjustable padded drivers that can create the protected compartments where you get to keep your handguns.

You have additional spacious zippered pockets on the outside for your magazine, ammo, and many other accessories. The space you get from this bag should be enough to get all the gear needed for the shooting range easily.

Since you will be carrying a lot of gear, then you may want to consider the durability of the bag. This bag comes made of 600D ballistic nylon material, which should be enough to handle daily use and the weight of the gear. The same thing goes for the heavy-duty zippers included in the model. You will always end up with a model that works great for you at all times.

The durability alone should make it a great model to use for daily gun range training. To make it even better, the bag is still lightweight. This should make it easy for you to carry it daily without feeling that it is a burden. You still get shoulder straps and handle straps. This should make the bag have various carrying options.

Things we liked
  • Durable bag
  • Spacious
  • Various carrying styles possible
  • Lightweight
Things we didn’t like
  • The zipper pulls tend to break after a while

#3. Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag

Even from the name of the bag, you can easily see that the model comes with enough space for all your guns. With space enough to hold 12 pistols, you should have enough gear to work on your training.With all those many pistols, it also means you get more space for your ammo and gun accessories.

To ensure that you do not end up with scratches on your guns, you get enough padding inside the bag. There are a variety of pockets in the bag so that you know where to keep the guns, ammo, and other accessories. With the loops and such compartments, you should have an easy time organizing your gear. It is also easy to retrieve the gear when at the gun range, as you know where to get it.

To make sure that the model can withstand its use over the years, the manufacturer constructed it with 1000D heavy-duty ballistic nylon. This is important to make sure that you end up with the best performance bag you need for daily use to the shooting pistol range.

Things we liked
  • Easy to configure
  • Strong bag
  • Spacious bag
  • Multiple compartments for organizing the gear
Things we didn’t like
  • The straps tend to tear from the poor stitching

#4. Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag

You will never have any trouble when it comes to carrying your guns and accessories to the gun range. The manufacturer made this one of the best bags you will need for having to carry your guns to the shooting range. It does not stop with those who are just starting to learn how to shoot, but also for the special operations officers, the patrol officers, and SWAT too. This should just go on to show you that the bag is made for multiple uses you could have in mind.

The bag’s design makes it possible to handle any type of range activity you may be thinking of. You get enough room to carry the hearing protection, pistols, tools, cleaning supplies, and ammo with ease. If you have always wanted a spacious bag, then this should be it.

Another thing you will like about the bag should be its durability. The manufacturer had to make sure that it is beefed up so that it can withstand the daily use all the time. The durability is further enhanced thanks to using the 600 denier polyester material to construct the bag. The heavy duty straps should make it easy to carry your bag with ease to and from the shooting range.

Things we liked
  • Strong construction
  • Spacious bag
  • Heavy duty straps
  • Highly versatile
Things we didn’t like
  • It has a nasty chemical smell inside

#5. Every Day Carry Tactical Shooting Range Bag with Pistol Pouches and Dual Zippers

If you are in need for a daily shooting range bag, then this could be another option you can always think of when buying the bag. The model comes as a standard size 600D heavy-duty nylon fabric. This type of material that has been used to make the bag is important when it comes to choosing the range bag. The material is strong to make sure that you can always use it more often without having any trouble that the bag would tear when least expected.

To make it better, you get the manufacturer making it heavily padded. This makes the model great when it comes to organizing the pistols and protects them from ending up with scratches thanks to the padding. You will get enough space to carry 3 pistols easily at any time. This should be enough space for you to easily have enough guns for the practice session.

There is also the inclusion of strong shoulder strap. You can easily adjust it so that it can be perfect for you to use. The strap will easily hold up to 80 pounds without any problems. You get additional top grip handles that should make carrying this type of bag easy.

Things we liked
  • Impressive durability
  • Padded compartments
  • Strong straps
  • Great design
Things we didn’t like
  • Not spacious
best pistol range bag


How to Choose the Best Pistol Range Bag

The size

This is going to be an important factor when it comes to choosing the best pistol range bag. The size that you get is going to affect the number of things that you get to put into the bag. Having a big range bag is going to be important so that you can get to carry all the important stuff to the shooting range. You will never have to leave anything behind that you will need when it comes to getting to the range.

You do not want to end up with a heavy, butempty range bags. A range bag should be lightweight and only heavy when loaded.


The material is going to affect the durability of the range bag. You have to consider a bag that comes made of strong material that can last for a long time to come. You do not want to end up with a model that will keep you repairing the bag more often because it cannot handle the daily use.

It is not just the material, but also the zippers are also supposed to be durable enough. You have to consider the straps and handles sewn on the model. They should be also strong to keep you using the bag more easily each day.

The construction

As for the construction, you want a model with more pockets. Some models come with enough spaces to carry up to 12 pistols. This is something that most people could use when it comes to having the right bag for the range. The number of pockets is also going to affect what you can carry and how to carry them. You can always end up with the best bags by making sure you get one with the best construction.

User feedback

The user feedback is important for you to understand what you can get from the pistol range bag. You would be happy getting a model knowing that other people who have used before you agree that it is the best model. The reviews would be the perfect example of the user feedback. Learning from what other people have experienced with the bags should make you have an easier time choosing the right type of range bag.

The pricing

Any person would want a model that he can afford. It is the reason you may find more people taking more time to search for a model within their budget. There is nothing wrong shopping based on the price, but also keep in mind the type of features you will be getting when it comes to getting the model. Having a model that can deliver more features at an affordable price is always the best. You can be a bit flexible with the budget so that you get to pick the right model.


Well, there you have it when it comes to choosing the best pistol range bags starting today. The best pistol range bag reviews above are enough to help you make a decision when it comes to choosing the right bag that you will be using daily.

If you are having any trouble figuring out which is the best model to choose, then you can always opt for the Orca Tactical Gun Pistol Shooting Range Bag. This type of bag comes with premium space you could utilize when it comes to carrying your guns and other accessories important for the shooting range. It is still a tough and durable model so that you do not have to worry about buying a new one in a few months of owning this one.

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