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Best Rubber Hunting Boots: Don’t Miss Our Reviews Before Buying

Any person who is into hunting, he would understand the importance of having the best hunting boots. It is only through such boots that you get to easily hunt in different terrains and weather conditions. The hunting gear would not be complete when you lack the best rubber hunting boots. You would be at risk of ending up with injuries or having a hard time navigating the hunting grounds without the proper gear.

Well, the next time you are looking for top quality hunting boots, you need to find the right guide to help you make that decision. We have highlighted some of the top models you can get on the market right now.

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Type of hunting boots

A number of options exist when it comes to choosing the best hunting boots. You have to understand the type of hunting boots before making that decision. With multiple manufacturers available, most of them would categorize their boots based on season, hunting style, and material.

Based on Material

The hunting boots would come made of different material for the upper section and sole. Depending on the material, it would affect the durability and breathability of the boots. The common materials would by nylon, mesh, and full grain leather. You still get rubber materials, which might be great also for waterproof features.

Based on the hunting style

Choosing the type of boots would also be based on the hunting style. If you often do a lot of walking or other active activities, then you need hunting boots premium features. You need boots with the best comfort available. This will include having a padded cushioned footbed and mesh lining so as to improve breathability.

Based on season

Some seasons would be colder than the others or warmer than the others. This means that you also have to wear for the weather. As much as you would want breathability all the time, you still want hunting boots that would provide the best performance in terms of keeping you warm. For the moist areas, you want a model with better breathability, so you would even have to skip the waterproof boots.

Make sure to study the area before making a decision on the model to pick for the hunting trip.

Why You Should Choose Rubber Hunting Boots?

The rubber material is not as fancy as some type of leather used to make the hunting boots, but they do also come with multiple benefits to the user. So, what are some of the reasons you need to choose rubber hunting boots?

  • Waterproofing ability of the rubber boots is just on another whole new level. Since the rubber materials would not allow water to pass through, you can use the boots in wet conditions and come out dry. Unlike other materials that might need waterproof treatment to make them waterproof, that does not happen with these boots.
  • No more issues of scents. The rubber boots are great for hiding your odor and scent. For a hunter, you do not want your scent to give away your location, so having boots that conceal your scent should be great.
  • The lightweight nature of the rubber material translates to having lightweight hunting boots too. You should always have a great time hunting knowing that you can get the best boots at any time.
  • Rubber cleaning should be something easy as compared to other materials such as leather. You simply clean them in water and let the boots dry in no time.
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Top 5 Best Rubber Hunting Boots 2017 Reviews

#1. The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot

A boot won’t be any good if there is no air circulation. Keeping in mind that you would probably be outdoors for a while, you need a model that is easily breathable. With this model of boots, you get the best breathability because of the air mesh linings you get on the model. Since they are made of fibers, they would promote airflow and still last for longer.

Other than airflow, you still get the best slip resistant rubber outsole on this model. You should easily have an easier time walking around in these boots thanks to such a feature. The great traction would help you walk on different terrains while hunting.

The wrap-up toe bumper is something that people love. You get a model that will give your foot the right protection. Even if you hit a rock or something by accident, then you can easily walk away without feeling any pain.

Things we liked
  • It has a solid construction
  • They are good for any terrain
  • Highly durable
  • Waterproof
  • Slip resistant
Things we didn’t like
  • They lack the steel-toe feature

#2. LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boot

Women would also feel great knowing that they have boots they could use for hunting easily. Whenever you get these boots, you will notice the best performance in terms of the top features such as durability and flexibility. The model is built with premium rubber that should give you the product you need when hunting outdoors.

The comfort of the model is quite impressive. The liner is made to create better air circulation important for regulating the temperature in the boots. You can now be sure that your feet would not easily get cold or sweaty with such regulation.

The back of the boots is made of neoprene gusset. What this does is to make the boot flexible so as to accommodate different calf sizes. You will also get more room for tucking in your pants. The boots are also made this way to make wearing the boots easier.

Things we liked
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Accommodates different calf sizes
  • It has outsole for every season
Things we didn’t like
  • Not available in half sizes
  • Ankle supports are not great for extended walking for some users

#3. Bogs Men’s Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot

If you are looking for something iconic in terms of styling, then you get to choose this model. It looks and performs great making sure that you get to enjoy every moment of hunting. The model is made to be 100 percent waterproof. What this means is that you get to protect yourself from any environment that would make you wet. The manufacturer made the waterproof feature to apply to every inch of the boot.

There is also the use of the Neo-tech inner important for providing the best comfort you would need in the rubber boots. The results are that you get to enjoy using the model knowing that your comfort is assured. Imagine the amount of time you would spend hunting and you get to realize the importance of having comfortable boots.

With the DuraFresh technology, even when you wear the boots the whole day, they still get to remain smelling fresh. This technology will easily fight the unwanted odor to make you comfortable with the boots.

Things we liked
  • They are 100 percent waterproof
  • The DURAfresh technology fights bad odor
  • Comfortable
  • Keep you warm
Things we didn’t like
  • They are expensive

#4. LaCrosse Men’s 18” Burly Classic Hunting Boot

These boots have been worn by a number of people over the years and they are always comfortable with the performance of the boots. You too could easily join the group by buying one for yourself today. The model is made to have a number of options and features that make it desirable to multiple users. The next time you need something strong and reliable, then you can choose this model.

One thing that many people love about the model should be its lightweight and comfortable nature. They should be the perfect boots for a hunter who would be on the move the whole day. The comfort offers to make sure you do not have to worry about the feet getting sore after walking in them for longer.

You can now walk in swampy areas without a problem. This is all due to the waterproof feature. You also get a foam padding that offers more warmth and cushions the feet for long hunting hours.

Things we liked
  • They fit perfectly
  • Great for various uses
  • They are comfortable
  • Great for warmth
Things we didn’t like
  • Only great for people with big feet
  • Puncturing the rubber is easy

#5. MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting

One thing that stands out for most people should be the idea of the model being snake proof. This is all possible due to the strong rubber material used to make the exterior. This dense material protects the lower part of the hunter’s legs from the lethal snake bites.

Each time you are outdoors to hunt, you might also be at risk due to the issues of snakes moving around, so you may want to protect your legs. Well, that is not all you get from the model. The boots are made to offer better traction with the ground so that you have an easy time walking around. You would not easily fall or slip in wet grounds thanks to the slip-resistant sole.

The Xpress cool fabric lining provides the best cooling effect you need whenever using the boots. You end up having an easier time hunting without your feet easily getting sweaty.

Things we liked
  • Better protection to the legs
  • Snake resistant
  • The XpressCool fabric lining keeps the feet dry
  • The midsoles are cushioned for comfort
Things we didn’t like
  • Expensive
  • Some users feel that they are narrow

Things To Consider To Buy The Best Rubber Hunting Boots

The Height

Depending on where you are going to hunt, you want to pick a model with the right height. You can choose either the knee-high boots or lower. The hunter has to take more time to check out the hunting grounds before buying the boots.

Having boots with the upper parts extending above the ankle should easily provide more advantages. This should help keep the ankles warm and dry even when walking through the deep snow.

The Sole

The hunting grounds are full of all types of hazards that sometimes you might not see while walking. It is the reason you have to consider the best sole type that protects your feet from getting pricked easily. The same thing applies to having a sole that offers the best grip and traction on the ground. Such a feature prevents slipping, especially when it comes to walking in the snow or any other slippery environment.

Insulation properties

You have to be smart about choosing the best rubber boots and still get to have the right insulation. It is important that you understand the thermal rating of the boots before buying. You need to get yourself the right boots that would keep you warm during the cold months and still provide better breathability during the warm hunting months.

Ease of Fitting

The proper fit of the boots is something that feels as an important aspect of choosing the rubber boots. Having a proper fitting will keep you feeling comfortable wearing the boots without worrying that at some point you have to take them off just for the feet to breath.

You have to get the right size of the boots if you are going to enjoy the hunting trip. You can always measure your feet and choose based on that size. Give the feet a bit of wiggle room so that the feet are not clamped down all the time. You can also choose the boots with an adjustable strap for perfect fitting.


There you have it. The models mentioned above are the best rubber hunting boots you can buy for yourself today. They will keep you warm and still provide the protection you need for handling different environments. As you can see, all the models have something different they offer to the user. The trick is to choose wisely and end up with the best hunting boots today. Take more time to compare the boots before making up your mind.

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