Top 5 Best Scope Rings Recommended for Hunters

Some accessories for your gun always need to be top quality. It is what you have to expect when it comes to getting the best scope rings. They are important for holding the scopes in position while you take the shot. If the scope rings are not great, then you will have to zero the scope each time you fire. Sometimes the wrong scope rings would let the recoil further get to the scope causing more damage. To choose the best model, you can check out this guide for more details.

ProductMaterial TypeProfileRing Diameter 
Heavy Duty
Editors' Choice
Aircraft aluminumMedium profile1''View on Amazon
Lirisy 1" Dovetail
Scope Mount Rings
Aircraft aluminumMedium profile25.4mmView on Amazon
Amasen Scope
Mount Rings
Weaver Style
Aerospace aluminumHigh profile1''View on Amazon
Weaver Quad
Lock Rings
AluminumMedium profile1''View on Amazon
UTG Accushot
Weaver Scope
AluminumMedium profile1''View on Amazon

5 Best Scope Rings for Long range shooting

#1. Sniper Heavy Duty Mid Profile Scope Rings

One thing that should easily stand out for most people would be the aircraft aluminum construction. This type of construction makes sure that scopes would withstand the shock and recoil each time you get to fire the weapon. The aluminum is further anodized as a way of keeping the durability at its best. The model should be able to keep working great for you for many years to come.

The model is further versatile when it comes to the applications. It will easily fit on the 7/8” weaver mounts, bases, and rails. You can also use the same for scopes, flashlights, and red dot sights. With such versatility, you should not have any problem using the rings. They are also affordable so that you do not have to worry about breaking the bank to afford them.

Things we liked
  • Versatile
  • Withstands shock and recoil
  • Works for various mounts
  • Affordable
Things we didn’t like
  • Might not be strong enough the 7mag

#2. Lirisy 1” Dovetail Scope Mount Rings Medium Profile

The model is made from the high-quality aluminum material should give you a peace of mind that you have the best model when it comes to durability. Having great durability means that it can withstand the continuous firing of a gun and keep the scopes in position. It has an amazing matte black finish, which makes it look great all the time. The best part is that the finish does not also easily scratch.

The model will easily fit on a .22 rifle, or any air rifle using the 3/8” mounts. The model further comes with a tape placed on the inside so that it keeps it from marring the scope when securing it. The tape also helps to create a secure fitting when holding the scope. It comes with the mounting hardware so that you do not have to buy anything additional.

Things we liked
  • Does not mar the scopes
  • Securely holds the scopes
  • Strong construction
  • It has a stop pin
Things we didn’t like
  • Not compatible with weaver or picatinny mount

#3. Amasen High Profile Scope Mount Rings Weaver Style

This scope ring set was designed for those who need to mount the 1″ tube riflescopes. You should also get it working easily on the weaver rail equipped rifles. This is unlike the others above as it is designed to be high profile in height. With a see through a channel, you should easily allow you to use the low profile front sights. This just goes on to show how the model can be quite versatile for various applications.

The model comes with an aluminum construction. As we all know it, Aluminum is a lightweight material. This translates to having a lightweight product too. These scopes are lightweight so that you do not end up feeling as if the weight of the scope rings will wear you down whenever used. The company also has a friendly customer service team that should get you learning more about the scope rings if you have any question.

Things we liked
  • Versatile rings
  • Friendly customer service
  • Lightweight
  • Strong construction
Things we didn’t like
  • Needs more tightening to hold position

#4. Weaver Quad Lock 1-Inch Medium Detachable Rings

These detachable rings come with two straps and additional four screws all important for holding them in position. You can easily see that the two straps are important for giving you more gripping power. The all-aluminum construction is great when it comes to having top rated scope rings. The scopes are further lightweight to make them even desirable.

The use of the thumbscrews is what makes them easy to detach if the need arises. The rings still feature the positive dovetail locking system. This should make them locking in position easier and great for windage adjustments. They are going to offer you great recoil resistance so that the scope remains safe. The weaver rings should help with mounting most scopes that are available on the market right now.

Things we liked
  • It is easy to detach
  • Made of quality materials
  • It offers a great grip
  • It is lightweight
Things we didn’t like
  • Some feel they are low-height even if stated as medium-height

#5. UTG Accushot Weaver Medium Profile Scope Rings

These are other top scope rings that we cannot miss to highlight. They come from a top brand, meaning they have the best construction you will ever want. For this reason, you will find them being common among hunters and those who are into shooting sports. The high-quality scope rings will always ensure you get to hit your mark all the time. That is what you get with this model.

The manufacturer made quite the attention to detail with this model. It is a no-nonsense design as it truly makes you like it. With a durable construction, these scope rings will last you for longer. They are also designed to resist recoil so that the scope is protected from such scenarios.

Things we liked
  • Strong construction
  • Great grip
  • Easy to use
Things we didn’t like
  • Some feel it has a bad craftsmanship

best scope rings

How to Choose the Best Scope Rings

The Experience

Experience serves as an important part of picking the scope rings, as not all of them are easy to use. For someone who is a beginner, then you need to start with the fancy systems. You might be advised to use the weaver style, as it is one of the simplest to use. You simply have to bolt it and you are good to go.

Construction material

The construction material is always going to affect the durability. You need to pick the best model with the right construction. To make them lightweight, you would find most scope rings being made of aluminum material. The material is lightweight, but still provides enough strength to make the scope durable.

The type of gun

Not all scope rings would work for certain guns. In most cases, you will find that the manufacturer highlights where best you could use the scope rings. Take the time to go through the different models to find one that will be easy to mount on your gun.

Ease of use

Most people would want a model that is durable, but still easy to use. You can always end up with the best scope rings if it is actually easy to use. On the overall, you should find that the scope rings are easy to handle. This goes for mounting and releasing them from the gun.


It is always great when you get to end up with the right product. You no longer have to worry that you would buy the wrong scope rings when such models exist. You simply have to make sure that you check out the reviews and guide before making the purchase. The Sniper Heavy Duty Mid-profile scope rings seem to be the best from the list. These rings are designed to be strong so that they can serve you better. They are still affordable so that anyone can afford them.

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