Best Shooting Glasses 2018 Reviews

Only the best shooting glasses will help you at the gun range. The shooting glasses would be made to protect your eyes from the glare, debris, and many other things. You will need the best shooting glasses to feel comfortable when you are shooting at the gun range. With multiple models available, you might not be sure which to choose. Reading the shooting glasses reviews might help with that. Check out the following reviews to help you make up your mind about which type of shooting glasses to choose.

Top 5 Safety Glasses For Hunting 2018

ModelColorTop Features 
iLumen8 UV Safety Eye Protection
Yellow- Come with a great styling
- 100 percent UV safety
- Have additional grip
- Great for using at gun ranges
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Milcraft Shooting Safety Glasses
Editors' Choice
Multiple- Offer comfortable fit
- Scratch resistant
- Ultra-lightweight
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Remington T-72 Shooting GlassesGray- They are stylish
- Scratch resistant
- Offers unobstructed view
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Radians Revelation Shooting glassesMultiple- Offer a snug fit
- Has non-slip nose pad
- Presence of ventilation channel
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BLUPOND Night Vision GlassesYellow- Lightweight model
- Stylish design
- Light enhancing lens
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best shooting glasses reviews

5 Best Shooting Glasses For The Money 2018 Reviews

#1. iLumen8 Best Shooting Glasses UV Safety Eye Protection

If you like being at the gun ranges most of the time, you would definitely need to have the best eye protection possible. This calls for using such type of shooting glasses that can enhance optical clarity for the sharpshooters. The lenses are really good to help with viewing in the low-light conditions such as dusk or evening.

The glasses are perfectly shaded to enhance the viewing of stains or other things you would have to use a UV flashlight. The model will give you 100 percent safety protection from UV. Each time you are outdoors practicing at the range, you can always protect yourself using this type of lens.

The surface of the glasses is made to be scratch resistant and impact resistance. This should make it great for cases of outdoor activities such as the shooting range. The styling is another thing to note. The sleek black frame with the rubber legs is important for gripping behind the ears. They will not easily drop whenever handling any vigorous activity.

Things we liked
  • They come with a great styling
  • 100 percent UV safety
  • They have additional grip
  • Great for using at gun ranges
Things we didn’t like
  • It could use improvement in the shape of lens for more protection

#2. Milcraft Shooting Safety Glasses, Shatterproof

You will love these headphones the moment you set your eyes on the model. It comes made of great materials that assure the user of durability and performance. The polycarbonate lens material is able to meet the tough standards that imposed on lens and frames.

The glasses are made to easily become a snug fit for shooting. The perfect fit will always get the wearer feel comfortable whenever shooting. The rubber nose and rubber padded temples are important for additional comfort so that you can keep on wearing the glasses all the time during the shooting time.

The High Tech lenses are made to be scratch resistant since you would be using it outdoors under extreme conditions at all times. They are still made to be anti-fogging, super clear and non-distorting with the vision. The protection you get from the model is what is going to give you the performance at all times.

To make it one of the best shooting glasses, the model is lightweight. You will always feel comfortable wearing the glasses the whole day without feeling they are too heavy.

Things we liked
  • Comfortable fit
  • Scratch resistant
  • Ultra-lightweight
Things we didn’t like
  • Some users feel they are too big for them

#3. Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses

Coming from the Remington brand, this is something that will always get you opting for the model as it comes from a top brand. Buying anything that comes from a top brand is an assurance of top quality product. This one comes with a smoke lens that sets is apart from what you are used to as the yellow lens. The smoke lenses on overall are also stylish and make you look badass while at the shooting range.

The coating on these shooting glasses will help you protect your eyes from more than 99 prevent UV rays. The next time you are outdoors shooting, you can be sure that the eyes are always protected.

To make them even better, the model is still impacted resistant. This is thanks to the polycarbonate material used to make the lens. This makes the model to meet the standards as set by ANSI Z87. More people would feel comfortable knowing that it gives them the right protection they need.

The lenses are still made to be wraparound so that you do not have to worry about obstructed view. Another benefit is that the lenses are given a scratch resistant hard coat important for making you love it even more.

Things we liked
  • They are stylish
  • Scratch resistant
  • Offers unobstructed view
Things we didn’t like
  • The nose bridge is too wide

#4. Radians Revelation Protective Shooting glasses

You should have an easy time at the gun range when you choose these best shooting glasses. They come with 5-position ratchet temples that will provide a comfortable glass fit all the time. You should feel comfortable each time you wear the glasses for a practice session.

To make them even more usable, you will notice that they come with a soft and non-slip rubber nose pad. The self-adjusting fingers of the nose pad should make it provide only the comfortable fit as you need it.

There is a ventilation channel between the safety lens and also the protective frame. This should help with providing the extra fog control when you are outdoors in extreme weather that could lead to fogging.

Since the glasses meet the ANSI requirements, you can always be sure that they will deliver the best performance to keep you comfortable and protected each time at the gun range.

Things we liked
  • Offer a snug fit
  • Has non-slip nose pad
  • Presence of ventilation channel
Things we didn’t like
  • Users complained about receiving the wrong orders

#5. BLUPOND Knight Visor Polarized Anti-Glare HD Night Vision

The yellow lenses are polarized to help with reducing glare from any reflective surface. The result is that you will always have an easy way aiming and taking out the target. The color of the lens will always make the other colors appear clearer so that you have a better vision in the bright UV light.

One thing you will always love about the Knight visor should be that you get a stylish design at all times. You can always end up loving it more that you find yourself wearing them more often even when not at a shooting range.

The lightweight frame is important for those who are always looking for comfort. Not many people would want to wear the heavy glasses.

Things we liked
  • Lightweight model
  • Stylish design
  • Light enhancing lens
Things we didn’t like
  • It could use better durability

How to Choose the Best Shooting Glasses

Lens material

You have to check out the shooting glasses lens material. Depending on the type, it would often affect the durability and visibility. It is often that you will get that such lens would be made from polycarbonate material. This should help improve the durability, lightweight, and many other benefits. You simply have to make sure that the model meets the ANSI Z87.1 requirements as it means that the model is strong and highly dependable.

Impact resistance

Of course, you would want a model that is impact resistance. This means that the model would not end up easily shattering when accidentally dropped or something hits it. You want to be sure that you have the best shooting glass to handle any accidents that might lead to injuring the eyes.

The lens color

As much as color is often going to be a personal choice, having some type of lens color could still be advantageous. The common lens color you would find would be smoke or gray tints. They are effective for blocking the glare without really having to change the color perception. As much as they might not enhance the target, they will block the bright sunlight.

The yellow or orange tint is another common color. It will help improve the contrast and give a sensation of having heightened visual acuity to the user.

The clear lens will not have any sort of enhancements, other than offering the protection when shooting. They can still be great when shooting at night, as your vision will not be affected by colors.

Lens coverage

It is important that the lens you buy will help easily protect your eyes better. It is the sole reason most people buy the shooting glasses. Make sure that they cover the eyes perfectly before using them.


By now, you should be in a position to pick the best shooting glasses thanks to these shooting glasses reviews. They have at least made you learn more about what it takes to become one of the best shooting glasses. If you are still not sure about which to choose, you can always opt for the iLumen8 Best shooting glasses. It is the perfect combination of styling and functionality too. The model can protect the user up to 100 percent of the UV light. The model will give you a better chance to view the target before taking the shot.

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