The Best Shooting Positions Every Hunter Should Know

It is important to know how to control your rifles while shooting, and it is also essential to recognize the shooting positions to catch your target smoothly. Even if some experienced hunters also need to stop touching their firearms in a period of time when getting the appropriate shooting positions. Therefore, you might need to understand the benefits and the drawback of each of the shooting positions beforehand.

If you pay attention to the actions of other hunters, you will realize that there are four common kinds of shooting positions. You could combine one or two these positions with other equipment such as a shooting stick, a sling, etc.

#1. Prone

Someone said that the prone shooting position is the foundation shooting position every beginner should try and know because it is so simple. You just lie down on the surface and take your rifle standing on the surface while you keep it on your hands. You do not only control your rifle but also you should keep the sling carefully. Please keep in mind that the prone shooting position is applicable in the terrain.

Your elbows usually stand on the land in order to help your both hands and the rifle have the fixed position. If you do not have strong elbows, you could be disappointed about the prone shooting position. You will have apain and an inflammation when keeping your elbows in several hours.

Some hunters make another idea to take a bipod to be much more convenient in the prone shooting position. It is not compulsory to use the bipod with your rifle in the prone position. You absolutely try this idea to test your abilities, and you also use other solid things like the bags under the rifle with your approaches as well. Furthermore, you totally take a stuff thing under your elbows to evade the state of fatigue and taking the ground directly.

#2. Sitting

shooting position


If you are not sure about the land before shooting, you could not use the prone shooting position. So, you might want to change to the sitting shooting position. This is a stable position for most of the hunters although your line of sight could be lower than kneeling position. However, the sitting position is not easy to get in the first time you try it. You need to take much time to adapt and accurately shoot at a long range in the position.

You are able to sit on your cross legs or take your pegs freely on the surface to be comfortable while doing your job. On the one hand, you could have other supporting equipment such as a stick, a bipod, a sling or other stuff things to keep your position much more balanced.

#3. Kneeling

With the kneeling shooting position, you are not stable to catch the target. Nonetheless, it is suitable to shoot at a fast target because you need to move your body regularly. It is also called the dropping position with the hurried sling to hook your target. The kneeling is an accessible method for those who do not have much time to aim and shot, or they have to shoot in the grass obscuring.

Your knee and your feet will catch at the target and they could support your elbows. You should choose the weak side of knees and feet to have an angle 90 degree of kneeling on the strong point of feet. It also relies on the limber, you might change your way of the position. Sitting on your feet or your heel is an example.
Like the prone position, you might want to have solid things to help your knees and feet in long hours. For those who have issues on the kneecaps, legs or feet, you should take another stuff tool even if you have much time to relax.

Some hunters usually use a bipod,and they need to consider the types of bipods that are suited in the rifles. However, you also try other stuff things to check their effect on your rifle and your position. It could be flexible as well.

#4. Standing

If you want to observe the shooting range clearly (even if you are standing on the tallest brushes and grasses), you could think of the standing shooting position. Nonetheless, you are not stable in the standing position at a wide shooting range (over 50 yards).

You need to consider the standing position when you estimate the distance between you and terminates if the distance is short enough to hook it. The shooting length ranges from 5 to 50 yards is a perfect option for trying the standing position.

You could also use other supporting tools such as a tree, a shooting stick, etc. Because it depends on your shooting situations and the equipment, these factors might help you. Keep in mind that these tools could not make a big trouble to your rifle, and they could disturb your shooting accuracy.


You completely select those four shooting positions, but it does not mean they are the best positions for all of the hunters. Therefore, you should try four types and think of outside the box in order to create your best choices in your situation. Moreover, you could not miss out some factors which might affect your shooting position like the shooting locations, terminates, etc.

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