Best Tactical Pistol Light Laser Combo 2018 Reviews

For those who own a pistol, having the best tactical pistol light with laser combo is often a dream. It is something that makes you have better visibility and still aim. It is often quite an investment for most people thus they would want to have the best performance laser product.

You can now opt for the best light after understanding what they all have to offer to the users. If you had troubles before finding the right laser light, you can always check out the following reviews to identify one for yourself.

Top 5 Tactical Pistol Light with Laser Sight

Product NameLumensBattery TypesRuntimeLaser 
Streamlight TLR-6
100CR-1/3N Lithium1 hrsRedView on Amazon
Viridian C5L
Editors' Choice
100CR2 3V lithium1 hrsGreenView on Amazon
Ade Advanced Optics®
Tactical Green
Laser Sight
with Flashlight
200CR1232.5 hrsGreenView on Amazon
Streamlight TLR-4125CR2 Lithium1.5 hrsRedView on Amazon
Streamlight TLR-2300CR123A Lithium2.5 hrsRedView on Amazon
Best Tactical Pistol Light Laser Combo

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5 Best Tactical Pistol Light Laser Combo 2018 Reviews

#1. Streamlight 69270 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Light with Red Laser

The next time you need a tactical pistol light, you can always opt for this model thanks to its features as we will get to see. One thing you will note is the way the model has been designed to easily attached to the trigger guard of the Glock. With such a design, it should be easy for the user to end up having an easier time accessing the light when there is the need to use it. The manufacturer also combined the use of light and laser as a way of making the model be better for various applications. You can now use the light to identify the threat before switching to the laser to take out the target.

The type of illuminator is definitely going to affect the brightness of the model. This one uses the C4 LED illuminator and a 640-660nm red laser. It is able to run 1 hour on LED/laser combo or 11 hours when running only on the laser. With the parabolic reflector, the user will end up having a balanced beam and peripheral illumination. With such a construction, it should easily optimize it for regulated intensity.

The model features several modes all important for operating the tactical light. All these modes are made to have a 10-minute auto shut-off so as to conserve the batteries. The best part is that you can change the batteries with the light still mounted on the gun. The removable cover that comes with model makes it easy to attach and remove the model from its position on the gun.

Things we liked
  • Compatible with several pistol types
  • Offers high-intensity beam
  • The laser feature is a great addition
Things we didn’t like
  • It lacks sturdy construction

#2. Viridian C5L Green Laser Sight with Tactical Light

This is another model that can get someone thinking more about getting a tactical pistol light laser combo. For this model, it is made to come on instantly the moment you get to draw and get ready for shooting. You simply have to set the model into the laser/tac light mode and then keep your gun in the ECR instant-on holster. The moment you get to draw your gun, the laser/tac light ignites by itself. Just like that, you do not have to fumble around with buttons just to get it working.

Of course, with such features, most people would want to know if it has the best battery life too. For a model that has the combo of laser and light, the battery life is often an issue. You get up to 7 hours of battery life when using laser and 60 minutes when only using light and laser. That time should be enough to get you do what has to be accomplished before you can now recharge it.

The laser would only be important if it has a great range. For this model, you can target anything within 100 yards in the daylight. For the night, you get a 2-mile range. The manufacturer has explained clearly in the manual on how the user can easily set up the model so that it can be used for various uses.

Thanks to the use of the radiance tac light technology, you get the model expanding the light you get to a wider beam. You will definitely get a wider horizontal area as compared to when you would have used the traditional technology.

Things we liked
  • Wider beam
  • The laser has a longer range
  • Made of strong material
Things we didn’t like
  • Sometimes the auto switch fails to come on

#3. Ade Advanced Optics Rail Mounted Red Laser Sight with LED Flashlight

The design of any tactical piston light is going to affect how the model will fit on the gun and still be used. For this model, the manufacturer had to make it better in terms of usability for various applications. The model will thus easily attach and detach from any standard size handgun/rifle. So long as the gun has the weaver rails, sliding it into position should not be hard at all.

Other than the quick option of mounting the model, the light you get is still an important option. You get a considerable light beam that should help improve visibility whenever you are outdoors or in poor light conditions and you have to take out a target. The 200-lumen flashlight should be able to get better visibility as compared to some models in the same price range. With the various modes available for operating the flashlight, you should be in a position to easily handle any tasks you might have in mind. The modes include a flashlight, laser, and having a combination of laser and flashlight. Moving from one mode to another is quite easy by just toggling the switches.

The construction plays an important in choosing the best pistol light. For this model, it comes with a lightweight aircraft-grade construction. The use of the aluminum and solid steel material for construction is another way of making it even stronger. It can serve you for years without worrying about replacing it.

The red laser is made to meet the FDA safety standards making it great for various uses while hunting or any other use.

Things we liked
  • Easy to mount into position
  • Comes with various modescomes with various modes
  • The laser meets FDA standards
Things we didn’t like
  • It is not very bright as expected

#4. Streamlight TLR-4 Tac Light with Laser

This is another Streamlight model on the list that will get you liking the use of the laser light on your gun. It is made to be lightweight and compact on overall. This is a great feature that most people would wish for. Not many would want to keep walking around with a heavy model that cannot deliver still on performance. It still features several things that make it better such as the C4 LED technology.

The battery light of the model is great as it can go for 1.5 hours when running continuously in the dual mode where the high power laser and light are both powered. There is a rail clamp with this model designed to make it easy for the user to attach and detach the light quite easily. In seconds you should be able to have it in position and take it off once you are done with the situation. Such usability features are what makes the model better and likable.

The case body still had to be made to be one of a kind for the users. For this model, the case body has amazingly engineered from impact resistant polymer. This makes the model be stronger and better. There is still the aluminum with an anodized finish making it even better than the other models in its price range. With the boro float high-temperature glass lens, it is able to direct the beam better and still remain strong even when used in extreme environments. With the light source having a 50000-hour lifetime, you are looking to use the same model for a long time to come.

Things we liked
  • Made of strong materials
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Durable light source
Things we didn’t like
  • It could use a better battery life

#5. Streamlight 69120 TLR-2 Rail-Mounted Weapon Flashlight with Laser Sight

This is a great flashlight with a laser sight that you could use on your handgun today. The light on overall is made to have the latest technical specifications you could enjoy using. Such technical specifications are what makes it better on the market right now. The model comes with the famous Streamlight ambidextrous steady on and off switch. With this switch, you easily get to move from one to another easily by just tapping on the momentary paddle. This should make the operation quite easy.

The other feature of one hand snap-on makes it easy to attach the model into its position and start using it right away. The same thing happens when detaching the light. You still get a tethered battery door that makes it easy for battery placement. You can change the batteries without necessarily detaching the model from the gun. On the overall, the model is made to be incredibly durable. You never have to buy another model when you have, such as this one. It has been tested severally to ensure that it can always meet the impact resistant construction standards.

Other than being impact resistant, the other feature that makes the model great should be is IPX4 rating. This means that it is made for water resistant operation. You get to use it more often without worrying about the issues of water being a problem outdoors.

Things we liked
  • Simple user design
  • Impact resistant construction
  • Offers water resistant capabilities
Things we didn’t like
  • It is an expensive model

How to Choose the Best Tactical Pistol Light with Laser


The model has to be able to handle the extreme uses as expected when attached to a pistol. You want to be sure that it can handle the various activities you might have in mind. Look at the material used to make the model. If it is hard and strong, you are sure that your weapon light will last for longer. Still, on construction, the model has to be reliable to enable it to handle the weapon recoil each time you fire.

Ease of use

A number of factors go into making sure that you end up with the best product at all times. You have to choose the right model by checking its design. The design has to be in a way that makes it easy for mounting and detaching from the gun too. Once that is done, you have to make sure that you get to forget about issues of ever having a hard time getting the light on the weapon.

The usability still goes for the switching method too. Some might come with the automatic switching while others it is a panel. Whichever the type, it has to be easy to use.

Laser range

The laser range is still important to the user. You need a great range so that targeting far is easier most of the time. With a better range, you become confident at your shots from a distance too.

Light beam

The common reason people get the weapon light is to help them with dealing with visibility. This means that the light beam is very important. Choose a model that comes with a bright light beam you can enjoy using most of the time. This gives you a better chance of seeing better in the darkness.


From the reviews and buying guide above, you are in a position to determine what makes as the best tactical pistol light laser combo. For those who are still not sure, you can always opt for the Streamlight 69120 TLR-2 C4 LED model. It will help you experience the best brightness and performance for such a type of light. It features a laser that gets you a long range and it has more battery life as compared to similar models. Thanks to its machined and sealed construction, the model will keep on lasting for longer.

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