How to Build a Shooting Range For Better Skill-Practicing

A shooting range can easily be described as a place where you find people licensed to have guns come to practice their shooting skills. A shooting range is supposed to be a safe environment so that you can develop your shooting and self-defense skills. For some people, they get to a shooting range to help them hone their hunting skills with a rifle.

Different options exist when it comes to how to build a shooting range. You have to consider whether you want an indoor or outdoor range among other factors. We get to check out some of the things you have to do to build a shooting range.

How to Build a Shooting Range


What you’ll need

  • Great location
  • Enough space
  • Great soundproofing
  • A bullet trap system
  • Guns
  • Ammunition
  • License of operation


1. Determine whether it will be indoor or outdoor shooting range

You have to consider the number of people that would be using the shooting range at any given time. If it were going to be a private thing between you and your friends, then it would make sense to invest in building an indoor range. For a few private members with handguns, the outdoor range is going to be difficult to manage.

For a shooting range that is planning to accommodate the hunters where a rifle is involved, then it is better for an outdoor range. Anyone practicing with a rifle is hoping to achieve greater shots at longer distances, which would not be possible for the indoor shooting range.

The hunters would be also looking to cope with different conditions outdoors so that when it comes to shooting while hunting it is not a problem. Of course, this will be determined by the location you pick for your shooting range.

2. Determine the number of shooters to accommodate

The size of the shooting range to build is going to depend on the number of people likely to use the facility. Estimate the number of shooters to come by before choosing the size options. It is crucial that you have enough space to accommodate the possible shooters showing up.

The type of shooting range is going to affect the number of people showing up. For a defense training shooting range, it will not have the same number as that for archery. Understanding the likely number of shooters in an area can help shape the decision on the size of the shooting range.

3. Understand the type of guns and ammunition to be used at the shooting range

You have to consider the type of guns and ammunition to be used at the shooting range when building it. The reason is that various guns have different licensing laws from one state to another. The other reason is that different guns will have different demands for the bullet trap.

The common bullet stop media include using sand compartments. A pistol can easily penetrate deeper the compartment as it would be shot at a shorter distance. On the other hand, a high-velocity bullet from a rifle might need more than one sand compartment to stop the bullet. This might need more maintenance to the stopping media.

4. Designing and implementing an optimal air ventilation system

Whether it is the indoor or outdoor shooting range, the ventilation is important for air quality. With people shooting around all day, you will have some particles getting airborne. Some concerns have been put on the presence of lead material from the rounds of bullets shot. However, with the right ventilation system, you should not have a problem with such materials.

5. Install a soundproofing system

For a shooting range involving guns rather than archery, you can be sure to hear high levels of sound pressure. If you do not protect yourself, sometimes you can end up with hearing issues. As much as the shooters have to wear earplugs or earmuffs when shooting, it is always better to have sound barriers installed in a shooting range.

For an indoor range, you have to keep the noise level to a minimum and it cannot exceed 140dB. Take the time to research more about the soundproofing methods available for such type of shooting range before investing your money.

6. Decide to supervise the shooting range or not

When it comes to the supervision of the shooting range, it might depend on the local regulations on shooting range and your preference. At some point, a new shooter might come a long, so there is the need to have someone to handle the newbie and that is where the supervisor comes in. Most supervised shooting ranges will get a better reputation than those that are not.


As you can see, how to build a shooting range can be done in a few steps. You always have to make sure that the shooting range does conform to the rules and laws of a certain state. You do not want to end up in trouble for operating a substandard shooting range. This could further lead to issues of safety and that is not what you want when dealing with guns.

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