Best Fixed-Blade Broadheads for Deer Hunting

Today, I am going to have a look at what makes the best fixed blade broadheads for deer hunting. It’s not an easy choice to select one. To begin with, you’ve got Mechanical versus Fixed blade debate to wrestle with and then you’ve got a new design being introduced with new blade shapes and cutting edges. It’s not an easy decision to make.

For that reason, I sat down with some hunting buddies of mine to see if we could come up with a top 5 fixed blade broadhead for deer hunting review between us. Delivering a surgically-sharp broadhead to the vitals is an absolute must with bowhunting, especially when it comes to whitetails. You can try any one of these out at relatively low cost and see if they suit your style.

Comparison Table: Top 5 Deer Hunting Broadhead

BroadheadsBladesCutting Diameter 
Wasp Drone Broadhead Fixed Blade3 blades, .027"1 - 1/8"View on Amazon
Wac'Em Archery 4 Blade Broadheads4 blades, .027"
1 - 1/16"View on Amazon
G5 Montec Broadhead
Editor's Choice
3 blades1 - 1/16"View on Amazon
New Archery Thunderhead Razor3 blades, .03''1 1/8"View on Amazon
Muzzy Trocar Broadhead3 blades, .035" 1 3/16''View on Amazon

5 Best Fixed blade Broadheads for Deer Hunting 2018 Reviews

#1. Wasp Drone Broadhead Fixed Blade

There is no more compromise when it comes to bowhunters anymore thanks to using this type of Drone end of an arrow. One thing that makes it stand out should be its stainless smart tip you get on the model. The tip is amazing how it can go through a tissue and bone, thus creating a better penetration. Since the tip is pressed onto the ferrule, it will not come off easily or get out of alignment.

The razor sharp blades were first introduced by the manufacturer a long time ago, but they have been improved now to something better. The blades of this model are hardened so that you get a razor-sharp edge that is still flexible and not brittle at all. The flexibility allows the blades to bend and not to break if they have to crash into a bone.

The head of the Drone fixed blade is made to meet the accuracy demands most people would want. Once you shoot it from a well-tuned bow, you can always expect to be delivered where you wanted. The field point accuracy gets the model easily liked among many users. With the solid steel ferrule, you will end up with a strong model, but still with improved flight time.

#2. Wac’EM Archery 4 Blade Broadheads (Pack of 4)

Sometimes the hunters might debate if they can settle for a fixed blade broadhead or a mechanical broadhead. For this model, it is built to have the best flight just as the mechanical broadhead but still deliver on the benefits of being a fixed blade broadhead. It is the reason you would get more people coming for it more often. You do not have to worry anymore about having non-performing broadheads.

The model is designed to have a patented Cut on Contact head. This means that the head is designed to be the best at penetrating the target. You should now have a great time hunting as you know that the model will easily penetrate the target with ease. With a single shot, it is now possible to end up killing the animal. No need to keep using more arrows just to hit one animal while hunting.

The model still comes with unsurpassed accuracy. This is the type of accuracy that you could use whenever hunting outdoors. You do not want to keep on wasting your arrows with other models that cannot guarantee any accuracy. With the best tolerances, you should have a great time hunting each time.

#3. G5 Montec Broadhead 3/Pk.

The G5 Outdoors brand is one of the top companies for making the best broadheads you can use for bowhunting. Seeing one of the models such as this one is a sure way of knowing that you will end up with a top model. One thing easily noticeable should be its solid construction you get from the model. The solid stainless steel construction should provide more durability than what most people would expect. You can now use it more often during your hunting trips, making sure that you get to hit your mark each time.

The model comes made with the MonoFlow technology that delivers impressive accuracy and better penetration. As much as you might have a well-tuned bow, if the head is wrong somewhere, you might not have the best functionality each time. The penetration of the head also matters to the hunters. This one does not disappoint at all. You want the arrow to deliver the best kill possible so that you do not go around just wounding the animals and not having a killing at all.

The diamond cut edges of the model present superior sharpness. Each time you get to use one of these heads you will note that they are good at delivering better performance in terms of sharpness.

#4. New Archery Products Thunderhead 100 Fixed Blade

Amongst the “panel of experts”, the word accuracy came up a lot when discussing these 100-grain heads. In flight, performance is awesome and helps build confidence massively. You know that when the arrow’s taken flight, you’re almost certain to hit the whitetail you’ve got between your reticles. They’re tough too – I’ve managed to hit rocks whilst rabbit hunting and the blades didn’t break!. Probably due to the O-Ring blade cushioning system that NAP use. Now, let’s add hardened high carbon steel Trocar tips that are absolutely razor sharp and a cutting diameter of 1 3/16 inches. Basically, if you want short, heavy blood trails (and who doesn’t?), put this at the top of your top three list to try.

The Thunderhead brand is widely known for making the finest fixed broadheads today. The result is that you can always expect to find the sharpest blades with the highest quality. Most statistics show that these blades have taken out many animals over the years. The patented design of microgrooved ferrule helps in increasing the accuracy you get with the model. The blades are sharpened well enough to keep them working great for a long time.

  • Sharp blades
  • Impressive flight accuracy
  • Highly reliable
  • Has a smaller cutting diameter

#5. Muzzy Trocar: 100 Grain 3 Blade Fixed Broadhead

Just like the Thunderhead above, Muzzy 3 Blade is a 100 Grain with a cutting diameter of 1 3/16 inches. The Muzzy also has ultra sharp blades fashioned from hardened steel Trocar tips. The triple blade Muzzy is designed specifically to break through bone and reach vitals and they do exactly that out in the field. Stability, spin and accuracy is helped by the Muzzy’s super scientific Helix blade design, so you can rest assured that they fly true. Bad to the Bone? Bet on it.
  • Highly accurate and lethal
  • The helix design makes it stable
  • Has an impressive cutting diameter
  • The broadhead tends to break more often

All You Need to Know About Broadheads

What is a broadhead?

A broadhead is best described as a large cutting component that would be assembled on the arrow shaft important for hunting. With the right design and shape of broadhead, it should be easy to hunt with your bows starting today. First, you have to understand what you would be getting from the various models before you can buy for yourself.

The broadheads would often be listed as two categories depending on their physical looks and other components. The two categories include the mechanical blade and fixed blade. These types of broadheads would come with different features that make them suitable in different scenarios.

Mechanical Blade

If you are into deer hunting, then the mechanical broadheads would be perfect for you. The mechanical broadheads would have cutting blades that deploy themselves upon hitting the target. As much as the fixed blades would be tougher, the shooting of mechanical blades would be easier. The cutting blades are also positioned in a way that helps propel the arrow towards the target with ease. The unopened cutting blades would have less wind resistance during flight. You will simply have to point and shoot and the arrow will get to the destination. You would find them have a larger cutting diameter.

  • Comes with a large cutting diameter
  • Delivers the correct flight each time
  • Less affected by the wind
  • The blades are often fragile
  • They can be expensive
  • They can have issues with deployment of blades

Fixed Blade

A fixed blade will have its blades acting as rudders whenever the arrow is in flight. You have to be careful on how you are using such type of a blade. Most of the time, the arrow with such a blade is going to be really tough and powerful, so a slight issue with your bow can easily be amplified with such a broadhead. For a bow that is slightly out of tune, the fixed blade will exaggerate this movement and throw you off the target.

It is the reason you would find most fixed blades having a smaller cutting diameter of around 1.25 inches. This helps in making sure that the head delivers the perfect penetration that the hunter wants. These fixed blades are often very sturdy and can easily end up penetrating even bones.

  • Highly reliable
  • Comes with strong blades
  • Delivers impressive penetration
  • They are affordable
  • Often have limited cutting diameter
  • Prone erratic flight with poorly tuned bow

Mechanical vs. Fixed Blade Broadhead. Which Is Your Best Choice?

You probably know how raging the debate about mechanical vs. fixed blades can get. Those who love mechanical blades would not take the insults hurled at them by the others who love using the fixed blade. It is not just among the hunters alone, but also the government, landowners, and different agencies involved in protecting the animals. Well, which one is truly the best among the two?


Starting with the accuracy, the fixed blade has suffered negative reviews over time making them unlikely to be chosen if you are looking for the best accuracy. It is not that they cannot be accurate, but they need a skilled hunter and a finely tuned bow to ensure that it is delivered perfectly to the animal being hunted. The surface area matters a lot when it comes to killing efficiency. Since the blades of the fixed blade would be exposed, there is a drag as the arrow is propelled towards the animal.


The mechanical blades on the other might not always deliver the perfect killing efficiency that people expect. You would find that the heads of mechanical blades are fragile and do not deliver the penetration power needed to kill the animal. The worst can be injuring the animal without killing it. That is what could lead to some people turning against the use of mechanical blades.

They would simply create a lethal wound and leave the animal to suffer without killing it. The mechanical blade fragile head issues could easily be resolved by having it replaced with heads made of high-quality material. You also have to practice more so that you do not end up just wounding the animal rather than killing it.

What is better?

The fixed blade would often take the day in most cases as compared to the mechanical blade. As much as you have to be skilled in using one, the fixed blades always offer the best shots regarding accuracy and reliability. The mechanical broadhead would often break because of the many moving parts. The same cannot be said for the fixed blades as they are made of tough materials. Some manufacturers of mechanical blades try to make their products with strong materials, but they cannot beat the sturdiness of fixed blades.


Some kinds of broadheads . Source:

Considerations When Buying A Broadhead

  • Cutting Diameter

    The cutting diameter is simply defined as the amount of cut width the broadhead can deliver. The cutting diameter varies depending on the type of broadhead. The fixed blade and mechanical blade would always be different in cutting diameter. It always seems better with a deeper and wider cut, as it can be fatal enough to kill the animal. Not easy to find fixed blades with the largest cutting diameter. It is possible to increase the cutting blade for the mechanical diameter as compared to the one provided by fixed blades. Depending on preference, you can always choose the best cutting diameter that works for the animal you have to hunt.

  • Penetration

    A number of people have complained about some types of broadheads that do not penetrate enough to deliver an instant kill. As much as you would want to kill an animal, there is no point of making it suffer and in the end, it escapes. The penetration is important to deliver a swift kill which is humanely according to the rules of hunting. It is, therefore, crucial that you consider the best broadheads that can deliver impressive penetration. The lack of proper penetration will just cause a lethal wound to the animal. It is the reason some landowners have banned the use of some types of broadheads known for lacking the best penetration.

  • Integrity

    Before you can buy a broadhead, integrity about the performance of such a model is something you would want to know first. The integrity comes in from how the broadhead can deliver on performance, durability, design, reputation, and many other features. The best would be learning more about the broadhead integrity from reviews about the model. The reviews would give you a proper understanding of what to always expect when you decide to choose a model. Other than reviews, you could also check out a few forums that talk about the different types of broadheads. You could get a number of people who have used the same model as the one you want to buy.

  • Accuracy

    No one wants to go hunting and come home empty handed after working so hard to hunt the animals. The best thing would be taking with you the best hunting tools onto the hunting grounds. Accuracy plays an important role in making sure that you get to easily shoot the animals with ease. A number of factors can affect the broadhead accuracy. You can get that the fixed blade might have a lesser accuracy than the mechanical blades. It is not just the broadheads themselves that might cause the accuracy to differ, the bow tuning also plays an important role in keeping the broadheads working effectively.

  • Sharpness

    The sharpness of a broadhead is bound to wear off with time. The best thing would be finding a model that can maintain its sharpness for long. Not many people want to keep on sharpening the broadheads each time they go out to hunt. Some manufacturers are good at providing the best accessories you could use for increasing the sharpness of the broadhead. With a great care and storage, the sharpness of broadheads would be maintained for better hunting all the time.

  • Number of Blades

    With the blades, the more you see them, the chances are that you have a lethal weapon that could do a lot of harm if not used correctly. You always have to be sure about the number of blades on a broadhead. With the increase in the number of blades, you would be increasing the total cut. This means that your odds of slicing through the vital organs are better.

    Too many blades often come with complications too. Sometimes they might not deliver the best results just the way you want them. Too many blades would cause additional friction when the broadhead is flying through the air. This could slow it down or make it change course.

  • The weight

    The weight of the broadhead is a contributing factor when it comes to the effectiveness of the shot. If you use a model, which is too heavy, propelling it to the target might be a challenge. On the other hand, using a too light model would also make it a challenge shooting the animal as the broadhead would be carried away by the wind. A number of things would often affect the weight of the broadhead and they include, the material used, the size of the broadhead, design, and accessories. You have to strike the perfect balance between the weight and functionality of the broadhead.

  • Cost

    It is without a doubt that most people would have a budget on their mind before they can go around shopping for the best broadhead. The broadhead would be priced according to the different features they can offer, the type, materials used to make them and many other considerations. You can expect that the fixed blade models would often be cheaper as compared to the mechanical models. The reason is that the mechanical blades would often need additional parts for maintenance and replacement at some point. As much as you may want to choose the cheapest model, the functionality should always be paramount.


There is no doubt that by now you know more about some best broadheads for hunting and their applications, especially about the best fixed blade broadhead. If you are looking to make the best out of your deer hunting experience, the best thing would be finding the right model that works great for you. If you opt for the fixed blade, it is crucial that you get to practice with it more often before hunting. The mechanical blade might be easy to use for hunting, but you have to make sure it is made with strong material that delivers the best durability.

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