5 Things You Need For Successful Deer Hunting

If you have to go for hunting, you will need all types of gear that will help with hunting better. For those who hunt with inferior equipment, they always end up not putting down any deer in their hunting quest. Before you go out there to start scouting for hunting equipment, it is important that you get to learn about the must haves for deer hunting. Below are some of the top equipment you should never miss when looking to start deer hunting as a hobby.

Deer Hunting Checklists

Deer Hunting Checklists


There are different types of guns that people can use for hunting, but most would prefer choosing between a rifle and a handgun.


If you are going to choose a handgun for deer hunting, you should be really sure about your aim. The common handguns for deer hunting include .44 magnum Ruger super Blackhawk hunter. It is a fine revolver that can wear a powerful scope for better aim and shot. The best part it that with handguns, you can easily put them in a holster and wear it as a sling. They do pack a powerful blow for the deer up to 100 yards from the target.


Rifles are also known to be the trademark of every hunter. The hunting rifle is made to be simple so as to suit the needs of many hunters who would want to venture into deer hunting. It is important to choose a lightweight hunting rifle.

Most of them are made to be lightweight to make it easy moving around while hunting. With rifles, you can be sure of getting the job done when hunting as far as from 225 yards out. You can always take out your deer from far to avoid spooking it into running. With slings on the rifles, it should be easy also to carry them.

You need ammunition for your handgun or rifle. It is important that you get to carry enough ammo for your hunting trip. Be sure that you might end up missing a few deer before ending up with a kill shot. Especially for beginners, carry more ammunition as you are likely to miss a lot when it comes to shooting in a new terrain. There is nothing wrong with having enough firepower for a small battle with the deer.

Direction tools such as compass or GPS units

Before you can head out and start hunting, it is better to take the time to learn more about the area first. This will involve checking out the map of the forest or hunting site to know where to get the deer herds. Most of them will be around river banks and thickets. From there you will have to use direction tools such as a compass and GPS units to arrive at the scene.


There is nothing wrong with going old school with the compass tool right now. Compasses have been used for a long time and they always get the job done. If you know how to effectively use it, then you should be able to find a place on the map known for having the largest population of deer. The compass is also the best aid you will need for getting back home when you are deep in the forest or game hunting.

GPS unit

With the advancement in technology, newer products are coming up to help with finding a location precisely. The use of GPS technology has made hunting better than before. You simply need to follow the GPS coordinates and it will take you to the destination. Whenever you are lost while on the course, simply take out your device and key in the destination. You do not have to spend an unintended night at the park when it calls to be avoided. Just ensure that you get to pick the best products that can deliver on your hunting needs.

Sometimes instead of spending a lot more money on such additional devices, you can still the smartphones that you already have. Smartphones now come with GPS capability enabled. You should be in a position to get to where you want by using the GPS system on your phone. The only disadvantage is that the smartphone battery power is limited. It can be drained faster, especially when the GPS mode is enabled.


Optics without a doubt play an important role when it comes to having an easy time hunting. It is the reason you will get more people investing money into the optics just to find the best way to hunt deer. Some of the important optics for hunting include binoculars, rifle scopes and range finders.


The binoculars have been used for a while with many people finding them effective to spot deer from a range. The binoculars technology has evolved over the years to now something that many people would want to use more often. In the past, it would have been common to find shorter-range binoculars for nature watchers or tourists, now there are long-range binoculars for hunting.

Rifle scopes

The rifle scopes are now available for people into hunting. Based on the handgun and rifle size, you can get different scopes to mount on them. Take the time to research more about the scopes before buying. It would be better if you go for waterproof and sturdy rifle scopes. You never know the type of conditions you are likely to face in the wilderness.

Another important feature for the rifle scope is to get a night vision scope. It will not be easy to see at night, so having a night vision enable scope can make it easy to hunt for unsuspecting deer at night.

Range finder

The range finder, on the other hand, helps you know about the distance from where you are to the target. With such a product, you should know how to place your aim to hit a deer with your gun. Also, you get to know if you have to move closer to the deer as some of the rifles and handguns have a shorter shooting range.

Flashlight, lighter and matches

At some point, darkness is going to come and you will still need to move. Without having a flashlight, it can be quite tough to navigate the new terrain you are not used to. The best thing to do is always have a flashlight, lighter, and matches with you. If you are to continue hunting for the night, you will still need the flashlight to take positions before waiting for the deer to appear.

You can also make some campfires to keep you warm at night. Most of the time the deer-hunting season is characterized by having cold nights. This is for people who would love a night out with friends bonding around campfires before proceeding with deer hunting the next day. To make all this happen you will need the lighter and matches as backup.

Even when you are lost and you do not have a cell phone to call in an emergency, an old fashion smoke signal can be a great way to signal for help. Just make sure that the next time leaves the camp, the fire is fully put out. Improper putting out of fire sometimes can lead to fires starting in the hunting grounds.

Additional hunting gear

Cell phone

In the additional section, we get to talk about some additional equipment that can make your hunting life easier than what it is now. We get to start with having a cell phone. As much as when hunting is all about disconnecting from the world and have some fun, having a cell phone is still important. You can never know when something goes wrong and you have to call for help from other people or search rescue. The idea is to only use it when necessary.


You will still need to have a nice, shelter whether it is tree mounted or ground deployed. A shelter is important to shield you from the rain, or still act as a nice camouflage for you to have a nice time while hunting. When hunting the deer, they can be quite sensitive to motions around them. Having a nice camouflage helps to conceal your location and easily hunt the deer without scaring them.


Clothes are still an important part of having a nice time when hunting. You have to wear appropriately based on the activity you have to handle. It is advisable that you wear comfortable boots for hiking. Do not go for nylon clothes, as they are likely to make a lot of noise when you are walking on the hunting ground.


Sometimes people can take an extra mile when it comes to hunting. Most would always go for having deer mock-ups. These mock-ups look exactly as deer and are made of different materials such as plastic. You simply need to put it together and set it up in a field. Whenever the deer sees the mock-up, it will think it is another deer calling, and it will come running. At this point, you have a window of opportunity to shoot the deer before it discovers that it is a trap.

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