How to Make an Archery Target for More Practicing at Home

It is possible that you would want to practice more on your archery skills. This is what calls for having the best target probably at home so that you can put your skills to work. You always have to consider getting yourself the right type of target so that you do not end up making a new target each day for practicing.

Taking the time to build the right type of target is always great so that you can end up with the best target that would last for years. You can still go for the easy target of having materials stuffed in a box. We get to check out some of the ways on how to make an archery target.

archery target


Method 1: Making a cheap box target

What you’ll need

  • Cardboard box
  • Shrink wrap or plastic bags
  • Duct tape
  • Packing tape


1. Get a large cardboard box

The first step would be getting a large box that would be used to make the target box. You have to make sure that it is 12 inches in thickness to help with stopping the arrows or get one that can be made 18 inches thick for those firing the high-velocity arrows. We will get to learn how to make the box thick enough in the next steps, but for acquiring the box, make sure it is of the size 18 by 18 inches.

This method might not be best for those looking to fire the highly powered crossbows or the compound bows.

2. Stuff the box with shrink wrap

This step is important for making sure that the box can have enough stopping power for your arrows. It is the reason you get to use the shrink wrap stuffed in the space in the box. It should not be hard to get shrink wraps as most stores would be disposing of them in large quantities. Most would even give it to you free.

Another alternative to the shrink wrap would be using the plastic bags or insulation foam. Fill the box with the material as much as possible so that the stopping power is impressive.

3. Seal the box

With enough foam or shrink wrap in the box, the next thing you have to do is seal the box. Sealing helps with keeping the stuffed material inside the box even after you start using it as a target. You simply have to use the packing tape or even duct tape to get the job done.

Just like that, you have safely completed making an archery target for yourself. You need to test it by placing it in an open area with no one close to it. If the box can stop the arrows effectively, then you are ready to start using it for further practicing.

Method 2: Making a durable target

What you’ll need

  • Lumber
  • Wood screws
  • Chicken wire
  • Shrink wrap
  • Ground cloth


1. Create a lumber frame

You will have to create a lumber frame for this method. It is seen to be durable as you get to keep using it for several months for practicing without necessarily having to change it. As for the frame, make sure to use a 2 by 12 lumber. This should give the arrow enough room for it to stop in time. The width is seen to be effective in most types of arrows.

If you want to keep it outdoors and have it last for long, then you have to use the kiln dried boards. Go ahead to treat the wood for weather protection so that you can always enjoy using it.

2. Make a hole for stuffing

Just like we did in the first method, you will still have to stuff the target so that you can give it the right stopping power. Cut a small hole in the frame that would be used for the stuffing process.

To hold the stuffing together, you need to cover both the front and back openings with chicken wire. Make sure to use enough staples so that you can hold it further to the frame.

3. Get the stuffing materials

When it comes to the stuffing materials, you can always end up with many options to use for such a method. The common material to use would be the shrink wrap. You can also use the old blankets, carpets, shredded rubber, or clothing.

As for clothing, make sure to avoid the double layer material as it might lead to the arrow sticking in the target all the time. Proceed to stuff the frame with the different materials. Make sure to compress the stuffing as much as possible.

4. Cover one side for shooting

To make the shooting target better, have the shooting surface covered. Simply add a cover by using ground cloth or Tyvek to make it further presentable. You should now be ready to start using the target.


You can always be better at archery if you have enough time and a target for practicing. The method above should help you with ending up with the best target to use today. Go ahead and have your own archery target in your home today.

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