How Many Arrows does a Quiver Hold? Learn How to Choose a Quiver

If you are into archery, the chances are that you would want to know just how many arrows you can carry when it comes to hunting. For having an easier time to carry the arrows, then you need to get yourself a quiver. The quiver is a specially designed container that should help with arranging and carrying of the arrows so that hunting is easier.

The common question most people would have would be how many arrows does a quiver hold? No one wants to end up with a product that would not deliver the right performance at all times. It is the reason you have to get to know the number of arrows that can fit in a quiver.

So, how many?

Quivers will come in different types. It is important to know that when it comes to getting the right quiver for your hunting needs. When it comes to the numbers, the factor of size affects the number of arrows you can carry. This makes it an average of 20 to 24 arrows for each quiver.

Some have claimed to carry more, but that would often be a customized quiver for an individual. For most commercial and standard quivers, you should get them carrying an average of 24 arrows easily. Such a number should be enough to keep the hunter supplied with enough arrows for shooting.

Common types of quiver

To understand which type of quiver would be great for you, there is the need to take the time to understand the different options available.

#1. Back quiver

This is going to be one of the most popular styles of quiver that you will see people using today. You might have already seen them in movies and other TV shows being used by archers. You will get that the back quivers would mostly be made of leather and features a strap that allows the user to wear it on the back.

To get an arrow from the quiver, you have to reach move your arm up and backward to reach the arrow. Depending on the design, there are models that offer the option of taking the arrow with a downward motion.

#2. Bow type

This is another type you can find most users with a compound bow using it. If you are always using the recurve bow, then this could end up being one of the best to use. It might however not be ideal for those who own a longbow.

Archers find this type of quiver great when it comes to retrieving the arrows as they are closer to the hands of the archer. You will always have an easier time reaching and setting up the arrow for taking a shot because of the close proximity.

As much as it would reduce the distance to reach the arrows, it also comes with some drawbacks most people would not like. The common one is that you can only carry about 6 arrows in the quiver. This, when compared to the back type, seems quite less.

#3. Ground type

For this type of quiver, you will not have to attach it to the body, but rather place it on the ground just as the name suggests. It can easily be seen as a stand for your arrows on the ground. You will often find some manufacturers including a hook to this type of quiver. This is to help with totting the quiver around by connecting it to your bow. This could be great for those who are in a tournament archery or you want a quiver that will remain stationary.

#4. Hip type

You will find other people calling it as a belt quiver or a side quiver. It is often seen as the easiest to transport as it is made to be small and lightweight. You can easily attach it to the hip so that the retrieval of the arrows is simpler and faster.

When you get this type of quiver, make sure you get one based on your dominant hand. Most manufacturers would make them be specific.

Choosing the best quiver for you

The type of quiver is an important aspect that you should always consider when it comes to buying one. From the various types above, you should have an idea what to get yourself today.

Consider the material used to make the model. You always have to get one that can deliver the best durability at all times. Take the time to check out some of the different models to find one with the best construction.

The capacity is also going to be an important consideration. Most manufacturers would include the capacity showing the number of arrows the model can carry in the product description part.


Now that you know how many arrows does a quiver hold, you should have an easy time making up your mind about which one to get for yourself. Most of them would be made to last for longer, but it does not hurt to take more time to learn about the quiver before buying one.

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