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Best 22LR Pistol For The Money 2017 Reviews


As compared to the many models of guns available, you would always find that the 22lr pistols are gaining more fame for hunting. You would get that these guns come with multiple features important for hunting. It is not just for hunting, but sometimes you would even get such models

Stealthy Squirrel Hunting: Learn the Art of Hunting


Squirrel hunting is a challenging sport that requires skill. Not only has squirrel hunting has been around for years, but it is also a great way to scout for deer in the weeks before deer season opens. Hunting squirrels can be effective for a skilled hunter and is fun once

Squirrel Hunting Good in the Rain?

Your alarm goes off and you stretch as you get out of bed. You start a morning pot of coffee and get your camouflage out of the closet because you’re going squirrel hunting today. You are excited to get back into the woods. As you open the front door...RAIN! (Insert

How To Field Dress, Preserve and Tan a Squirrel


Processing Squirrel Meat Squirrel hunting can produce a substantial amount of extra meat for your dinner table, but once you have a squirrel in do you process it? Processing squirrel meat is a pretty simple process that requires just a little time and a sharp knife. As with anything that