Squirrel Facts 101: Frequently asked Questions about Squirrels

Squirrels are animals you might often encounter when least expected. They are known to love nuts and can easily move into your home if there are plenty of attracting features around the home. The squirrels would not always be destructive, but you will get most people hunting them down for being rodents. Some hunt them as a sport in the wilderness. During a vacation period and hunting season, you are likely to see some people going on a hunting trip to get the squirrels. To become better at squirrel hunting, it is crucial that you learn more about their behavior first.

Do squirrels hibernate?

This question has been something that most people would want to know, but they often find themselves not sure about what to do. The quick answer to the question would be that the Gray squirrels do not hibernate, but the ground squirrel does. The argument is that these animals are too small to store enough body fat that could help them survive during the long winters. This question is not just in the mind of common hunters, but the scientists too who are also looking to understand how the squirrels behave.

Ground squirrels hibernate for seven to nine months

Ground squirrels hibernate for seven to nine months. Source: www.nwf.org

Something that would make people think that the Gray squirrels hibernate in winter is because they do not like being out in the cold weather. You will often find them hunkered down in their dens as it helps them stay warm until the weather breaks. The often trick us to believe that they are hibernating, when in real sense they are surviving on food they stored in their dens during summer and fall. They are seen to be ultimate survivalists as they can bury food during the summer that would last it 3 years.

To survive during the cold winter, you will often find them sleeping in bodies close to each other. This should help them conserve the warmth and keep them from freezing easily.

Where do squirrels live in USA?

General information shows that the squirrels live on every continent expect the Antarctica and Australia. When it comes to America, you can expect to find the squirrels in different states, especially the eastern and Midwestern America. Depending on the species, you can also expect to find them in the bustling cities such as Boston and Manhattan. You might have thought that the squirrels would love to enjoy the quietness of the countryside, but you will still find them in the cities too.

Now that you know where they live in America, the other common question that would come to mind if they do live in nests. That is always the case, the squirrels love it when they can find a place where not many people would disturb it. This would mean constructing dens in the high branches of hollow trunks. Depending on the breed of squirrel, you are likely to find those that live on the ground. The ground squirrels will always burrow deep into the ground so that they stay away from human interaction. The squirrels too often end up living in nests. They can build their own nests or simply live in others that might have been abandoned by the birds.

Where do squirrels sleep?

Sleeping Squirrel

Sleeping Squirrel. Source: http://www.animals-photos.net/

Just like any other animal, the squirrels too need a place they can easily call home too. This is where they will feel safe, raise their young ones, and also find it as shelter for them. Depending on the type of squirrel, you can find them sleeping in different places. The common places would be the ground holes, drays, and dens. Each of the different squirrel types will have a unique way of making their own shelter. It is actually what makes them prefer their own places rather than other types of shelters.

The tree and flying squirrels will often live among the trees. This means that you will find them sleeping on the trees where they have created their nests and dens. They would often go down on the ground looking for food and only come back up the tree to enjoy some rest in their dens. The ground squirrels on the hand would be found living in burrows they dig themselves or among the cracks and caves in the rocks.

You will find that the tree squirrels often prefer the dens during the winter period. This in a way helps protect them from the excessive cold during the winter.

When do squirrels sleep?

When you see the squirrels running around, you could never imagine that they can actually sleep. Well, we all have to rest at some point, so are the squirrels too. The sleeping pattern would vary from one species to another. Many of the squirrel species will often be nighttime sleepers. You will find them quite active during the day and leave some time to rest at night.

Where do squirrels go at night?

Well, the night is no fun place for the squirrels, they will often retreat back to their nests built in trees. You will be lucky to bump into one during the night. The squirrels use these nests are the place to call home and raising their young one. You will find them constructing mostly in the tree branches or go ground wise if it is a ground squirrel.

What are squirrels afraid of?

These rodents if not careful can be destructive when least expected. You might have to think of ways that might scare them into leaving your garden and move to other places. The best way would be using a scarecrow. In this case, opt for a motion activated sprinkler for your garden. It will always shoot a lot of water towards the squirrel making it feel afraid of what more could happen.

What do squirrels like to eat?

The squirrel species will always tend to eat a lot of things in their lifetime. They are often not known to be picky eaters; they often eat what they can lay their hands on. You will find them eating native fruits, nuts, veggies, insects, fungi, and even flowers within their habitat.

The squirrels are often nut lovers. You will get them loving more of the nuts to the other types of foods. If you have a nut tree in your home, chances are that you will find some squirrels around. Some of the common nuts found on the trees include pecans, macadamia nuts, acorns, almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts, cashews, and much more.

The squirrels often end up stealing and eating eggs from other animals. You can get them eating the robin eggs, bird eggs and many other types of eggs they can easily carry. You would also easily find them eating plant materials in their habitat. Some of the plant materials you can expect them to eat include roots, grass, plant stalks, and leaves. It is also possible to see them eating the tomatoes when they ripen. They will often visit your garden once the tomatoes start to ripen. It is, however, not easy to get the squirrels eating grubs. You will often find them digging the lawns for seeds rather than the grubs.

Do squirrels carry rabies?

Sometimes you might be concerned about encountering the squirrels as they might not always be friendly. They can bite if you get too close to them. Luckily, the squirrels do not carry rabies, so you do not have to sick worried when you end up with a bite from a squirrel.

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