SureFire X300 Ultra Series LED WeaponLights with TIR Lens Review

When it comes to a weapon light, what you would want is a great model that does not have to compromise on your visibility whenever using it in poor light conditions. It should be in a position to deliver on the best lighting so that you can see better and have an easy time seeing the target too in the darken. Having poor luminance is not something you will get with the SureFire X300. It still comes with many other features that will get you feeling comfortable about making your choice. Below are some of the things that make the model be among one of the best.

High performance

As expected, the weapon light is supposed to deliver the best performance that many users could use for various occasions. It is the reason the LED can produce up to 500 Lumens important for the bright beam of light. It is also biased in the yellowish-green spectrum that is all optimal for the human vision. There is the use of the precision TIR lens that helps with creating a smooth and tight beam with enough surrounding light. This is something you will need for the peripheral illumination. The moment you get to use the model, you will notice there is a big improvement from the various models you could have used before.

Easy to use

You could also wish for a weapon light that would be easy to use. There is no doubt that you will find this model being the best in terms of being easy to use. With its design, you can easily get it onto the rail lock system for a quick installation. Once it is in place, you can secure it so that it does not easily fall off. The process of detaching it is as simple as attaching it to the model.

The model is made to be easy to use with its ergonomic design. You can easily operate it with one finger and get it lighting up. There is still the option of using an optional pressure activated the switch for having a precision control of the light.


The weatherproof feature should get more people being interested in choosing this type of weapon light. To make it weatherproof, the manufacturer used O-rings and made the gasket sealed so that it does not get foggy when using the model outdoors.


Having a great construction is something that will get more people thinking about getting the model and how to get one for themselves. For this model, it features a high strength aerospace aluminum material for its outer cover. This material is still anodized and coated to make sure you get to experience better durability.


The manufacturer made the model be great when it comes to compatibility. Its rail lock system can easily slide onto different guns. You can learn more about which types of the gun can use it from the technical sheet from the manufacturer. You simply have to slide it into position and you are good to go.


You would definitely be looking for a model that has a great battery, which is still reliable. The model comes with the 123A batteries known for being the best in terms of durability and power. The batteries also come with a 10-year shelf life, which is something that you can always like the model.

Things we liked
  • High-performance LED
  • The TIR lens creates a smooth beam
  • Weatherproof
  • High energy batteries
Things we didn’t like
  • It is an expensive model


Many things easily describe this type of weapon light. The model features the best light you will need for viewing in low light conditions before shooting the target. Such a thing always gets more people feeling the worth of having the model. You should also have no problem with an ergonomic design that makes the usability better than using some of the other top weapon lights in the industry right now.

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