Best Bow Cases for Carrying and Protecting your Gear

Having a reliable and durable bow case is an essential item for all bow hunters or sports archers. The obvious reason for owning a bow case is to protect sensitive materials of the bow from environmental factors, but it also provides a medium for holding all your archery accessories and tools with your bow in a central location and makes travel much easier.

Lots of hunters or competition shooters travel across the world and need a reliable case to protect their biggest asset, their bow. In this post, we review and compare the best bow case on the market to help you pick the right one.

Top 5 Bow Cases On The Market 2018

Bow CaseTypeAirline TravelDimension
Plano 108115 AW
Editors' Choice
Hard caseYesExterior:
48'' x 20.75'' x 7.5''
46.5'' x 16'' x 6.75''
View on Amazon
SKB Hunter SeriesHard caseNot TSA approved
39" x 15" x 6"
View on Amazon
Allen Gear Fit ProSoft caseNo19'' x 40'' x 1.5''View on Amazon
OMP CompactSoft caseNo42" x 26"View on Amazon
Plano ProtectorHard caseYesExterior:
43.25" x 19" x 6.75"
41.5'' x 16.75'' x 6.5''
View on Amazon

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When shopping for a bow case there are several qualities that you should be looking out for. You want:

  • a durable case that can withstand constant battering during travel and protect your bow.
  • a case that will accommodate a variety of different bow models so you will not need to purchase new cases for every bow you own or plan on purchasing.
  • a case that provides storage for more than just your bow. Can it hold arrows, broadheads, or other equipment making travel easier and keeping all your bow equipment in a centralized location?

In out 5 best bow cases we will cover a wide array of different bow cases. It will encompass the best overall compound bow case, the best hard case, the best soft case, the best crossbow case, and the best case for the price.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at our top 5 bow cases.

5 Best Bow Cases Reviews On The Market 2016

#1. Plano 108115 AW Bow Case

For traveling hunters who explore the most remote locations, the Plano 108115 AW Bow Case will suit your rugged lifestyle. This case comes with a lifetime warranty giving you the ease of mind that it can stand up to any hunting outing and provide the protection your archery gear needs for years to come.

The rubber lining around the opening of the case provides a tight seal keeping water, air, and dust from entering the case when closed. This weather resistance coupled with the crush resistant PillarLock system makes this case optimal for travel and hard use in the field. The case has 4 high quality latches with two of able to be locked with provided keys.

The case is designed to hold fully loaded quivers, but a mounting bracket must be bought separately from the case. Without a quill, the case uses elastic arrow containers to up to 10 standard and carbon arrows and holding straps for the arms and strings of your bow to keep damaging movement from occurring while traveling.

Overall, the qualities of this argue for it to be the best compound bow case on the market. This is not a small, compact bow case but it can hold just about any compound bow on the market, is extremely durable, and is airline approved.

#2. SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

This case is one of the best hard compound bow cases that one can buy on today’s market. It is large enough to accommodate most compound bows that are on the market and used heavily by hunters.

The outer case is an ABS polymer that provides good protection for the bow when traveling or carrying through rough terrain. An empty case weighs in at 11 pounds and has a comfortable handle grip to make carrying easier.

The case also provides four locking points that are well designed and keep a tight seal around the case to prevent moisture, air, and dust wear to the bow while being stored. Two latches can also be locked.

Inside the case, EPS foam inserts provide a snug fit for your bow keeping it from moving during jarring impacts. The case is designed to handle bows with full-attached quivers.

A few drawbacks for this case are the ABS casing is more prone to cracking than the previous listed case. It is still a durable case but it is worth mentioning. Some users have had an issue with the case not closing properly when the quiver and stabilizer both attached to the bow. This case is also not TSA approved.

Besides these drawbacks, the SKB Hunter Series Bow Case is an excellent choice to provide protection for your bow and is available at a fair price.

#3. Allen Gear Fit Pro Compound Bow Case

This case is our first soft bow case listed and is considered by many to be the best soft bow case available.

Soft bow cases do not provide the protection that a hard case does, but they usually provide a lighter alternative to hard cases and can usually store more of your archery gear.

That does not mean that this soft case is not durable. It is made with tightly woven polyester that resists tearing and puncture providing excellent protection for your bow and gear.

This case will store all compound bows with axle-to-axle lengths up to 35”. This length will cover just about all commonly used compound bows in hunting.

The case contains seven pockets with one designed to hold an arrow case. The other pockets provide storage for bow shooting accessories, broadheads, and bow maintenance tools. Zippers on the pockets are easy to grip and resist locking up.

The case has an easy to grip handle as well as a shoulder strap for easy carrying between hunts. For general carrying purposes in between short hunting trips.

#4. OMP Compact Crossbow Case

Obviously, compound bows are not the only type of bow used for hunting purposes. Because of this, we wanted to include our pick for the best crossbow case and the OMP Case meets and exceeds expectations for crossbow cases.

This is a soft case that is made from very durable 600- Denier material and can withstand tearing and puncturing. It features both a handgrip and shoulder sling for easy carrying to and from hunting areas.

The size and shape of this case allows the storage of most modern, compact crossbows that are used in the hunting world. Its high-rise design also allows storage of crossbows with mounted optics.

The case also features fantastic storage with a side compartment for bow accessories as well as a top storage compartment design to hold arrow boxes for standard sized crossbow bolts.

This is a soft case so if you are looking for a case to use while flying or to have a better seal for longtime storage of your crossbow this might not be the case you need.

If you want a durable case that can hold a wide range of crossbows along with optics, accessories, and arrows then this OMP case is a great buy.

#5. Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

For the protection, this case provides your bow along with the price this case can be considered the best bow case for the money.

This hard bow case comes with a limited lifetime warranty and also used the patented PillarLock system to resist crushing damage.

The case has four latching mechanisms to provide a decent seal around your bow although, not as efficiently as our previously listed cases. The case also has two separate moldings able to accommodate separately purchased locks for added security while traveling or in storage.

The high-density foam within the case gives your bow a snug fit and helps prevent movement and damage when transporting. Along with storing your bow, the case is designed to securely hold up to 6 standard arrows.

Velcro straps are mounted inside of the case to hold down bow limbs and strings along with a strap for your arrows providing extra support for rough travel.

This case is designed to fit the more modern, compact compound bows. Most of the more commonly used hunting compound bows should be able to fit within this case if below 42” from cam to cam. It is also able to accommodate most quivers mounted to your bow, but it will depend on the quiver brand.

This case might be a step down from the previously listed Plano case, but it provides great protection for your bow and comes at a reduced cost. If money is a concern this case could be your go to for bow storage.

Wrapping up our Bow Case List

Bows contain many working parts that, if not taken care of and stored properly, can lead to malfunction and the need to buy replacement parts. This can lead to failed hunts and more money out of your pocket. Both are situations that can ruin any day.

The best bow cases we have listed all provide the proper storage and protection needed for you bow when not in use and when traveling from hunt to hunt or competition to competition.

Out list entailed the best compound bow case, best hard bow case, best soft bow case, best crossbow case, and the best bow case for the money.

Hopefully, you realize the importance of having a reliable case for your bow and this list has provided you with a great starting point for protecting your valuable gear.

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